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The following information is designed to assist players in creating a valid Heresy era army using the Horus Heresy Supplement and the Net Epic Armageddon rule set. The purpose of the page is demonstrate how an army can be constructed using the available options across the supplement. This article does not factor any particular tactics or thematic considerations. Simply, how the pieces fit.

To set the scene, I am building this first list for a 4000 point game representing an encounter battle between two opposing forces who will contest the five standard victory conditions found in Section 6.1.7 of the Net Epic Armageddon rule book.

Choosing a list

First you need to select a list that appeals to you. For the purposes of this page, I have selected to play a Traitor Legion, the Death Guard. A Loyalist or Traitor Legion utilises the core Legion List as the foundation for your options. By electing to tailor my Legion to the Death Guard I alter the characteristics of the Core Legion list. For example, the core Legion already has a Legion Terminator Detachment as a Line Detachment choice, however, the Death Guard Legion Terminator Detachment entry replaces the Legion Terminator Detachment entry in the Core List.

Unique Legion formations overlay across the top of the entries found in the Core Legion list, in this instance the Legion Terminator and Legion Primarch are replaced with the entries from the Death Guard list variation.

Where previously my Legion Terminator Detachment looked like this:

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Legion Terminator Detachment 4-6 Terminator units Drop Assault OR Assault Claw OR Heavy Transport OR Teleport, Centurion OR Praetor, Armoury Assets, Dreadnought, Hyperios, Tank 75 pts each

Your Legion Terminator Detachment entry would now look like this:

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Legion Terminator Detachment 4-6 Legion Terminator OR Grave Warden Terminator units Drop Assault OR Heavy Transport OR Teleport, Centurion Terminator 75 pts each
Grave Warden 80 pts each

Additionally, I gain two previously unavailable formations as Support Detachments, a Destroyer Detachment and a Deathshroud Terminator Detachment. The Death Guard variation also includes changes to my Allies and how well they work with my Death Guard force but we will address that further along.

Choosing Line Detachments

In a 4000 point game it is common but not mandatory to purchase three Line Detachments, three Line Detachments provides you with a number of flexible formations to adapt to your style of play or tactical plan. Additionally, Supreme Commander upgrades will generally only be available to Line Detachments or a Lord of War formation.

However, the key outcome of each Line Detachment is that it enables you to purchase a total of three Support Detachments per Line Detachment.

For my Death Guard force I am going to choose the following formations:

Legion Breacher Detachment
Legion Tactical Detachment (8 Tactical Marines)
Legion Terminator Detachment (4 Legion Terminators)

Of the 4000 points available for my army, I have now spent a total of 900 points and have the ability to select up to nine Support Detachments from the amended core Legion list. I can upgrade these formations as well, however, we will come to that further on.

Choosing Support Detachments

With over 3100 points still available, I can now look at the available options for my nine possible Support Detachments. In this example, I will purchase the following units:

Legion Predator Strike Squadron (4 Legion Predators)
Legion Reconnaissance Squad
Legion Javelin Attack Squadron
Legion Vindicator Squadron

This costs me a total of 865 points and uses four of my nine available Support Detachment slots. So far I have spent a total of 1765 points on formations and still have plenty of points available for Lords of War, Allies and Upgrades.

Choosing Lords of War and Allies

Lords of War and Allies both share the same portion of my armies points value, each list will specify what portion of your points value you can spend on these types of formations. The Death Guard are able to spend 1/3 of their armies total points on formations from the Lords of War section of the core Legion list or available Allies army list. In this example, I have around 1200 points available to spend on Lords of War or Allies formations. Lords of War represent rare formations while Ally formations are those from another army list not native to the Legion.

So, for my Death Guard I have selected the Legio Titanicus army list as my Ally. I can now spend a total of around 1250 points on core Legion Lords of War formations or Legio Titanicus formations. As the Death Guard have worked with the Titan Legions on a number of occasions, they have developed an appropriate level of interoperability when working together, this results in them being cohesive allies and avoids the negative effects of a disruptive ally.

Reviewing Lords of War section of the core Legion list, I select the following:

Xiphon Interceptor Attack Wing
Mortarion, the Pale King

I then peruse the Legio Titanicus list to assess my available options. When selecting from an Allies army list, the restrictions for Line and Support Detachments remain, you must select a Line Detachment from the Allies army list to be able to take a Support Detachment from the Allies army list. However, in this instance, Legio Titanicus doesn't have Support Detachments so I do not have to factor this in.

So, I finally choose the following formation from my Allies army list:

Warhound Scout Pack

The total points for my Lords of War/Allies section is formation 1200 points and brings my total points spent on Allies and Lords of War to the approximate 1/3 amount available in a 4000 point army, around 1250 points.

Upgrading formations

So far I have spent 2965 points on my formations, this leaves me with just over 1000 points to enhance the formations I have available in my force. When purchasing upgrades, you can only take one upgrade, once per formation.

To enhance my Breacher Detachments chance of survival I purchase the Heavy Transport upgrade for the formation:

Name Description Cost
Heavy Transport Add enough Land Raider Proteus OR Land Raider Phobos OR Spartan Assault Tanks to transport the formation Phobos 75 pts each
Proteus 75 pts each
Spartan Tank 125 pts each

As part of my selection, I choose to purchase 4 Land Raider Proteus to transport the 8 Breacher Marines in the Detachment. I must purchase enough transports to transport all of the units within the Detachment, resulting in 4 Land Raiders for a total of 300 points.

To provide me with some further protection for my Tactical Detachment I purchase another Heavy Transport upgrade, but this time 2 Spartans. I also purchase a Hyperios upgrade to provide me with some air defence capabilities.

Name Description Cost
Hyperios Add 1 Hyperios Whirlwind unit 75 pts

This costs me a total of 325 points.

Finally, I purchase a Teleport upgrade for my Legion Terminator Detachment and another Teleport upgrade for Mortarion at a cost of 50 pts each formation.

Name Description Cost
Teleport Add the Teleport special rule to each unit in the formation 50 pts

In total my upgrades so far have cost me 725 points, leaving me with 290 points for additional units or upgrades, I have already utilised my points allocation for Lords of War and Allies, so I can either purchase further upgrades to my existing formations and/or another formation. To round out the points cost, I choose a Legion Predator Strike Squadron (4 Legion Predators) for exactly 240 points and upgrade my Legion Breacher Detachment with a Centurion upgrade (Chaplain) for 50 pts.


My force now looks like:

Legion Breacher Detachment in 4 Land Raider Proteus with a Centurion (Chaplain) (325 + 300 +50 pts)
Legion Tactical Detachment (8 Tactical Marines) in 2 Spartans with a Hyperios (275 + 250 + 75 pts)
Legion Terminator Detachment (4 Legion Terminators) with Teleport (300 + 50 pts)
Legion Predator Strike Squadron (4 Legion Predators) (240 pts)
Legion Predator Strike Squadron (4 Legion Predators) (240 pts)
Legion Reconnaissance Squad (150 pts)
Legion Javelin Attack Squadron (275 pts)
Legion Vindicator Squadron (200 pts)
Xiphon Interceptor Attack Wing (250 pts)
Mortarion, the Pale King (400 + 50pts)
Warhound Scout Pack (500 pts)

3 Line Detachments, 5 Support Detachments, 1250 points worth of Lords of War and Allies all under 4000 points and ready to march to war.