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Imperial Militia armies have a Strategy Rating of 2. All Imperial Militia formations have an Initiative rating of 2+. An Imperial Militia player may be spend up to 1/3 of its total points value on Allies/Lords of War. When selected as allies for another army, some armies will state the restriction Imperial Militia (Traitor Militia). When an Imperial Militia (Traitor Militia) army is selected, at least one detachment must take the Traitors provenance upgrade.

Special Rules


Berserk. Some units are taken with a blood rage before or during a battle, this fury makes them nearly uncontrollable, thirsting for wanton death and destruction. A unit with the Berserk characteristic may double it's movement distance when conducting an Engage order. Additionally, formations containing Berserk units can not claim objectives under Tournament conditions.

Dedicated War Engine Transports.

Gorgon Armoured Transports may only transport units from their own formation. The standard rules for war engine transports do not apply to them when using the Imperial Militia army list.

Discipline Masters / Rogue Psykers

An Imperial Militia army may include one Discipline Master character per 500 points, or part thereof, in the army. The Discipline Masters do not cost points. If a player elects to take Discipline Master characters, they must be added to the army prior to the start of the battle before set up. If the army includes a Force Commander then the first Discipline Master must be attached to formation containing the Force Commander. If a Force Commander is not present in the Army, then the first Discipline Master must be placed in the most expensive Imperial Militia Line Formation. Any further Discipline Masters may be attached to any other Imperial Militia formations. You may not include more than one Discipline Master per formation. You may not add a Discipline Master to an Imperial Navy or allied formation. If you have more Discipline Masters than formations, any excess are lost. A Rogue Psyker may be exchanged for a Discipline Master in a formation that has taken the Traitors Provenance upgrade.


Certain formations may purchase a Provenance upgrade. Only two types of provenance may be applied across the army. Any eligible formation may purchase one of the two provenance selections. The provenance upgrade will modify the unit values for all infantry (INF) units in the formation in one of the following ways:
Warrior Elite: +1 Firefight (FF) value
Survivors of the Dark Age: +1 Armour save (Armour) value
Feral Warriors: +1 Close Combat (CC) value
Traitors: gain the Berserk special rule. Ogryn Brute Squad units chosen in a formation with the Traitors Provenance must choose the Chaos Spawn Mutations option.

For example, an Inducted Levy squad has purchased the Feral Warriors upgrade. All of the levy Auxiliary units in the formation will modify their regular (CC) value of 6+ to (CC) 5+.

Exploratory Augury Web

Enemy units entering the game via the Planetfall special rule within 15cm of an opposing unit with the Exploratory Augury Web special rule must roll a D6 for each unit in in the detachment, taking a blast marker for each 1 rolled. Friendly units entering play via the Teleport special rule within 15cm of a friendly unit with the Exploratory Augury Web do not roll for blast markers.


Armies may ally with a wide range of factions in the Heresy supplement, while some are easily incorporated into your force others have a disruptive effect on your overall strategy. Any formations from a “Disruptive” ally reduce the army’s strategy rating by 1. Additionally, Supreme Commander rerolls may not be used on “Disruptive” ally formations. Allied force selections must comply with any restrictions within their own army lists. When including formations from an ally army list, the restrictions for Space Craft and Supreme Commanders are applied across the entire force. Only one Supreme Commander can be selected and he must come from the primary army list. For example, an allies line detachment must be purchased before you can purchase an allies support detachment.

Line Detachments

Line Detachments may only take one of each upgrade type. Line Detachments may only take a total of four upgrades per detachment.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Militia Command Squad 1 Force Commander and 7 Militia Auxiliaries units Heavy Transport OR Transport, Fire Support, Militia Auxiliary, Sniper, Ogryn Brute Squad, Provenance 225 pts
Inducted Levy Squad 10 Levy Auxiliaries Ogryn Brute Squad, Provenance 100 pts
Militia Motorcycle Squad 1 Motorcycle Commander unit and 7 Militia Biker units Provenance (Warrior Elite, Survivors of the Dark Age, Feral Warriors) 175 pts
Militia Grenadier Squad 8 Militia Grenadier Units Heavy Transport OR Transport, Provenance 175 pts
Militia Infantry Squad 1 Platoon Command and 7 Militia Auxiliaries units Heavy Transport OR Transport, Fire Support, Militia Auxiliary, Sniper, Ogryn Brute Squad, Provenance 125 pts

Support Detachments

Two support detachments may be chosen for each line detachment. Detachments may choose up to four upgrades, each upgrade can only be chosen once per detachment.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Orbital Support 1 Emperor class Battleship OR Dauntless class Light Cruiser Emperor 300 pts or
Dauntless 150 pts
Auxilia Cavalry Squad 6 Cavalry Auxiliary units 175 pts
Auxilia Heavy Ordnance Battery 3 Basilisk OR Medusa artillery carriages 200 pts
Auxilia Malcador Heavy Tank Squadron 5 Auxilia Malcador Heavy Tanks in any combination 350 pts
Auxilia Rapier Battery 4 Auxilia Rapier Platform units 100 pts
Auxilia Sentinel Scout Squadron 4 Auxilia Sentinel units 100 pts
Auxilia Super Heavy Tank 1 Auxilia BaneBlade or Stormhammer unit 200 pts
Auxiliary Battle Tank Attack Squadron 5 Auxilia Leman Russ, Exterminator, or Demolisher tanks in any combination Vanquisher 350 pts


Name Description Cost
Fire Support Add 4 Militia Fire Support units +100 pts
Heavy Transport Add enough Gorgon Heavy Transporter units to transport the entire formation +125 pts each
Militia Auxiliary Add 4 Militia Auxiliary units +50 pts
Ogryn Brute Squad Add 4 Ogryn Brute units +150 pts
Provenance Upgrade all INF units in the detachment with one Provenance type +50 pts
Sniper Add 4 Recon Auxillary units +75 pts
Transport Add enough Arvus Lighter units OR Auxilia Rhino units OR Land Raider Proteus units to transport the entire formation +25 pts for Arvus Lighter
+25 pts for 2 Auxilia Rhinos
+50 pts ea Auxilia Land Raider
Vanquisher Upgrade one tank to a Leman Russ Vanquisher +25 pts

Lords of War

Imperial Militia can spend up to 1/3 of the total army points on Lords of War.

Detachment Unit Cost
Auxilia Super Heavy Tank Platoon 3 Auxilia Baneblade or Auxilia Stormhammer units in any combination 500 pts
Imperial Militia Avenger Wing 2 Avenger Strike Fighter units 250 pts
Imperial Militia Primaris-Lightning Wing 2 Primaris-Lightning Fighter units 225 pts


Cohesive allies: Legio Titanicus, Legion Astartes, Knight Household
Disruptive allies: Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum Taghmata, Daemons Of The Ruinstorm (Traitor Militia)

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