Legio Custodes Reference List

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Infantry & Character Units

Name Type Speed Armour CC FF Weapons Range Firepower Notes
Captain-General CH - - 2+ 3+ Apollonian Spear (base contact) (assault weapons) Sniper, MW EA(+1) Invulnerable Save, Commander, Inspiring
Tribune CH - - - - - - - Invulnerable Save, Commander
Aquilon Terminators INF 15cm 3+ 3+ 3+ Lastrum Storm Bolter
Solerite Power Gauntlet
(base contact)
(small arms) EA(+1)
(assault weapons) EA(+1)
Reinforced Armour, Thick Rear Armour, Invulnerable Save, Teleport
Custodian Guard INF 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+ Guardian Spear (15cm) AND (base contact) (small arms) EA(+1) AND (assault weapons) EA(+1)
Ephoroi Custodes INF 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+
Sagittarum Custodes INF 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+
Sentinel Guard INF 15cm 3+ 4+ 5+ Sentinel Warblade (base contact) (assault weapons) MW Invulnerable Save
Sisters of Silence INF 15cm 5+ 4+ 4+ Boltguns (15cm) (small arms) "Fearless"

Light & Armoured Vehicles

Name Speed Type Armour CC FF Weapons Range Firepower Notes
Callidus Grav-Tank AV 25cm 4+ 4+ 4+ Lastrum Bolt Cannon
Iliastus Accelerator Cannon
2 x AP4+
Reinforced Armour, Skimmer, Invulnerable Save
Contemptor-Achilles Dreadnought AV 15cm 3+ 4+ 4+ Achilles Dreadspear (base contact) (assault weapons) MW EA(+2) Invulnerable Save, Walker.
Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought AV 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+ Galatus Warblade (base contact) AND (15cm) (assault weapons) MW EA(+1) AND (small arms) EA(+1) Ignore Cover Reinforced Armour, Invulnerable Save, Walker.
Coronus Grav-Carrier AV 25cm 4+ 6+ 5+ Iliastus Accelerator Cannon
Arachnus Blaze Cannon
2 x AP4+/AT5+
Reinforced Armour, Thick Rear Armour, Invulnerable Save, Skimmer, Transport: May carry 2 of the Sentinel Guard, Custodian Guard OR 1 Aquilon Terminator.
Custodes Agamatus AV 35cm 5+ 4+ 4+ Power Lance
Iliastus Bolt Cannon
(base contact)
(assault weapons) MW, First Strike
(small arms)
Mounted, Skimmer
Pallas Grav-Attack Vehicle AV 35cm 5+ 6+ 4+ Arachnus Blaze Cannon 30cm 2 x AP4+/AT5+ Reinforced Armour, Invulnerable Save

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