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Legion Astartes armies have a strategy rating of 5 and Legion Astartes formations have an initiative rating of 1+. Up to 1/3 of the army's total points value may be spent on Allies and/or Lords of War. A player may choose to have their army represent one of the unique legions present during the Horus Heresy, a player may only select one unique Legion. The Primarch and unique unit choices become available to the player for inclusion in their army.

Special Rules

Legion Astartes

Legion Astartes are renowned for their tenacity and bravery. This is represented by the following changes to the standard rules, which apply to all Legion Astartes units.

  • It takes 2 Blast markers to suppress a Legion Astartes unit or kill a unit in a broken formation (ignore any leftover Blast markers).
  • Legion Astartes formations are only considered broken if they have 2 blast markers per unit in the formation (as opposed to the standard blast marker per unit).
  • Legion Astartes formations only count half the number of blast markers in assault resolution (rounding down – note that assault resolution will not receive +1 for having no Blast markers if the formation has 1 Blast marker before rounding down).
  • When a broken Legion Astartes formation rallies, it receives a number of Blast markers equal to the number of units, rather than half this number. Legion Astartes with the Leader special ability remove 2 Blast markers instead of 1.
  • Unlike Epic Armageddon 40,000 Space Marine's And They Shall Know No Fear (ATSKNF), Legion Astartes formations do not halve the number of hackdowns suffered when that formation loses an assault.


A Demi-God unit has three wounds similar to a WE, however, a Demi-God wound capacity has a number of differences to that of a WE. A Demi-God unit must maintain a 5cm unit coherency with its formation unless it possesses the Scout special rule. A Demi-God unit can be allocated hits up to its starting wound capacity. A Demi-God unit requires two blast markers to be considered suppressed or broken. A Demi-God that loses a damage point does not incur a blast marker, however, when a Demi-God’s wounds are reduced to zero, the Demi-God unit is destroyed and all friendly formation within 30cm receive two blast markers. A Demi-God unit does not suffer critical hits when it loses a wound and cannot barge other units like a WE. A Demi-God does not roll a number of hit dice equal to its wounds like a WE and cannot elect to use its FF or CC value like a WE. A Demi-God unit counts as the same unit type as their retinue for transport capacity purposes.

Void Shields

Some units are protected by void shield generators. Each void shield will stop one point of damage and then go down. Do not make armour saves for damage stopped by void shields, nor allocate blast markers. Once all of the shields have been knocked down, the unit may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are allocated. Hits from close combat ignore void shields but units using their firefight value must first knock down any shields before they can damage the unit. Void shields that have been knocked down can be repaired. A unit can repair one downed void shield in the end phase of each turn. In addition, if a unit regroups it can use the dice roll to either repair a void shield or remove blast markers (e.g., if you rolled a 2 you could repair 2 shields, remove 2 blast markers or repair 1 shield and remove 1 blast marker).


If a unit firing a weapon with the Feedback special rule fails to cause damage when hitting an enemy unit, roll a D6 for each successful armour save the enemy unit made. The firing unit takes a blast marker for each 1 rolled.

Exploratory Augury Web

Enemy units entering the game via the Planetfall special rule within 15cm of an opposing unit with the Exploratory Augury Web special rule must roll a D6 for each unit in in the detachment, taking a blast marker for each 1 rolled. Friendly units entering play via the Teleport special rule within 15cm of a friendly unit with the Exploratory Augury Web do not roll for blast markers.


Certain units are armed with radiological ammunition. Inimical to flesh, radiological weapons that hit reduce the target unit's saving throw by 1. This modifier only applies to hits generated with AP attacks and allocated against INF units.


Armies may ally with a wide range of factions in the Heresy supplement, while some are easily incorporated into your force others have a disruptive effect on your overall strategy. Any formations from a “Disruptive” ally reduce the army’s strategy rating by 1. Additionally, Supreme Commander rerolls may not be used on “Disruptive” ally formations. Allied force selections must comply with any restrictions within their own army lists. When including formations from an ally army list, the restrictions for Space Craft and Supreme Commanders are applied across the entire force. Only one Supreme Commander can be selected and he must come from the primary army list. For example, an allies line detachment must be purchased before you can purchase an allies support detachment.

Legion Transports
The cost of the detachment includes enough Rhino transport vehicles to transport it and any upgrades that have been taken. Determine the number of Rhinos needed after all upgrades have been purchased. The number of Rhinos will always be the minimum needed to carry the detachment; you can’t take extra vehicles. Note that some detachments don’t receive Rhinos, usually because they can’t fit into them. Detachments that can take Rhinos will be noted as having ‘plus transport’ in the unit’s section of the army list below. You don’t have to take Rhinos if you don’t want to. If you’d rather field the formation on foot instead, so it can act as a garrison for example, or be transported in a Thunderhawk Gunship, then you may do so. Alternatively you may give the formation the Drop Assault upgrade at no extra cost, noting that to use the Drop Pod or Dread Claw you require a Spacecraft to Planetfall the formation..

Line Detachments

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Legion Tactical Detachment 8 Tactical Squads OR 8 Despoiler Squads, plus transports Assault Claw OR Heavy Transport, Centurion OR Praetor, Armoury Assets, Dreadnought, Rapier Battery, Support Squads, Hyperios, Tank 275 pts
Legion Terminator Detachment 4-6 Terminator units Drop Assault OR Assault Claw OR Assault Ram OR Heavy Transport OR Teleport, Centurion OR Praetor, Armoury Assets, Dreadnought, Hyperios, Tank 75 pts each
Legion Assault Marine Detachment 8 Assault Squads Centurion OR Praetor 300 pts
Legion Breacher Detachment 8 Breacher Squads Drop Assault OR Assault Claw OR Assault Ram OR Heavy Transport, Centurion OR Praetor, Armoury Assets, Dreadnought, Hyperios, Tank 300 pts

Support Detachments

Three support detachments may be chosen for each line detachment selected. A detachment may choose up to four upgrades, each upgrade for that detachment can only be chosen once and only one transport option may be selected.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Legion Artillery Battery (per full 2000 pts) 4 Medusa OR 4 Basilisk OR 4 Whirlwind units Hyperios Medusa 250 pts
Whirlwinds 300 pts
Basilisks 325pts
Legion Assault Marine Squad 4 Assault Squads Drop Assault, Centurion 175 pts
Legion Breacher Marine Squad 4 Breacher Squads Drop Assault OR Assault Claw OR Assault Ram OR Heavy Transport, Centurion 225 pts
Legion Dreadnought Talon 4-6 Dreadnought units of any configuration Drop Assault 50 pts each
Legion Leviathan Dreadnought Talon 3 Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought units of any configuration Drop Assault 75 pts each
0-1 Legion Destroyer Detachment (per full 4000 pts) 4 Destroyer Squad units Drop Assault, Centurion 225 pts
Legion Contemptor Dreadnought Talon 4-6 Contemptor Dreadnought units of any configuration Drop Assault, Armoury Assets 60 pts each
Legion Javelin Attack Squadron 5 Javelin Attack Speeder units of any configuration Centurion 250 pts
Legion Land Speeder Squadron 5 Land Speeder units of any configuration Centurion 200 pts
Legion Land Raider Squadron 4-6 Land Raider Phobos OR Proteus units Centurion, Armoury Assets, Hyperios 80 pts each
Legion Outrider Detachment 5 Outrider Bike units OR 5 Attack Bike units Centurion 175 pts
Legion Predator Strike Squadron 4-6 Predator units Centurion, Armoury Assets, Hyperios 60 pts each
Legion Rapier Weapons Battery 6 Rapier units of any configuration Drop Assault 240 pts
Legion Reconnaissance Squad 4 Reconnaissance Squads units, plus transport Assault Claw, Centurion 150 pts
Legion Sicaran Battle Squadron 4-6 Sicaran units of any configuration Centurion, Hyperios 75 pts each
Legion Sky Hunter Attack Squadron 5 Scimitar Jet Bike units Centurion 175 pts
Legion Storm Eagle Attack Wing 1-3 Storm Eagle Attack Ship units - 125 pts each
0-1 Legion Spacecraft 1 Strike Cruiser OR 1 Battle Barge - Strike Cruiser 200 pts
Battle Barge 300 pts
Legion Thunderhawk Gunship 1 Thunderhawk Gunship unit - 250 pts
Legion Thunderhawk Transport Wing 1-3 Thunderhawk Transporter units - 125 pts each
Legion Vindicator Squadron 4-6 Vindicator Siege units Centurion, Armoury Assets, Hyperios 50 pts each

Lords of War

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Legion Gunship Wing 2 Fire Raptor units - 300 pts
Legion Interceptor Attack Wing 2 Xiphon Interceptor units - 250 pts
Legion Stormbird 1 Stormbird Heavy Attack Ship - 450 pts
Legion Super Heavy Tank 1 Fellblade unit OR 1 Glaive unit - 250 pts
Legion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer 1 Falchion unit - 300 pts
Legion Super Heavy Tank Battery 3 Typhon Heavy Siege Tank OR 3 Cerberus Tank Destroyer units - 400 pts


Name Description Cost
Armoury Assets Upgrade 1-2 of the following units in the upgraded formation:
Predator to Infernus OR Executioner OR Whirlwind Scorpius
Land Raider Proteus OR Phobos to Land Raider Achilles
Contemptor Dreadnought to Deredeo Dreadnought
Vindicator to Vindicator Laser Destroyer

20 pts each
25 pts each
40 pts each
20 pts each
Assault Claw Add enough Kharybdis Assault Claws to transport the formation 100 pts each
Assault Ram Add enough Caestus Assault Rams to transport the formation 75 pts each
Centurion Add 1 Librarian OR 1 Chaplain OR 1 Champion 50 pts
Dreadnought Add 1-2 Dreadnought OR Contemptor Dreadnought OR Deredeo Dreadnought OR Leviathan Dreadnought in any configuration Dreadnought 50 pts each
Contemptor 60 pts each
Deredeo 100 pts each
Leviathan 100 pts each
Drop Assault Transport the formation in Drop Pods OR Dreadclaws 50 pts
Heavy Transport Add enough Land Raider Proteus OR Land Raider Phobos OR Spartan Assault Tanks OR Mastodon Heavy Assault Transports to transport the formation Phobos 75 pts each
Proteus 75 pts each
Spartan Tank 125 pts each
Mastodon 200 pts each
Hyperios Add 1 Hyperios Whirlwind unit 75 pts
Praetor Add 1 Lord Commander OR Lieutenant Commander.
Note. You cannot take a Lord Commander if your army includes a Primarch.
Lieut Commander 50 pts
Lord Commander 100 pts
Rapier Battery Add 1-4 Rapier units in any configuration 50 pts each
Support Squads Add 1-4 Tactical Support OR Heavy Support units in any configuration 50 pts each
Tank Add 1-2 Vindicator OR Sicaran OR Predator OR Typhon OR Cerberus units Vindicator 50 pts each
Predator 60 pts each
Sicaran 80 pts each
Typhon 150 pts each
Cerberus 150 pts each
Teleport Add the Teleport special rule to each unit in the formation 50 pts


Cohesive: Legio Titanicus
Disruptive: Daemonic Hordes, Imperial Militia, Solar Auxilia, Knight Household or Mechanicum Taghmata

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