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Solar Auxilia armies have a Strategy Rating of 3. All formations have an Initiative rating of 2+. Two Solar Auxilia Support Detachments may be chosen for each Solar Auxilia Line Detachment. Each detachment may purchase up to three upgrades, each upgrade can only be chosen once per detachment.
Up to 1/3 of the army's points may be spent on Allies or Lords Of War.

Special Rules


Dracosan Armoured Transport and Stormlord units may only transport units from their own formation. I.e. the rules for War Engine transports do not apply to them when using the Solar Auxilia army list.

Legate Commander

A Solar Auxilia army may include one Legate Commander character per 500 points, or part thereof, in the army. The Legate Commanders do not cost any points. Legate Commander units may be added to the army at the start of the battle before either side sets up. If the army includes a Lord Marshall, then the first Legate Commander must be attached to the Lord Marshall's formation. Any further Legate Commanders may be attached to any other formations. You may not include more than one Legate Commander per formation. You may not add a Legate Commander to an Imperial Navy or allied formation. If you have more Legate Commanders than formations, any excess is lost.


Armies may ally with a wide range of factions in the Heresy supplement, while some are easily incorporated into your force others have a disruptive effect on your overall strategy. Any formations from a “Disruptive” ally reduce the army’s strategy rating by 1. Additionally, Supreme Commander rerolls may not be used on “Disruptive” ally formations. Allied force selections must comply with any restrictions within their own army lists. When including formations from an ally army list, the restrictions for Space Craft and Supreme Commanders are applied across the entire force. Only one Supreme Commander can be selected and he must come from the primary army list. For example, an allies line detachment must be purchased before you can purchase an allies support detachment.

Solar Auxilia Line Detachments

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Solar Auxilia Command Retinue 1 Lord Marshall unit and 7 Veletaris Storm units of any type Infantry Support Tank, Ogryn Charonite Squad, Solar Auxilia Support, Transport 300 pts
Solar Auxilia Strike Squadron 6 Leman Russ Battle Tank or Leman Russ Exterminator units (of any type) Vanquisher 350 pts
Solar Auxilia Infantry Tercio 1 Auxilia Tactical Command Section unit and 7 Solar Auxilia Infantry Section units Infantry Support Tank, Ogryn Charonite Squad, Rapier Battery, Solar Auxilia Support, Transport 150 pts
Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Cohort 1 Auxilia Tactical Command Section and 7 Veletaris Storm units Infantry Support Tank, Ogryn Charonite Squad, Transport 200 pts

Solar Auxilia Support Detachments

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Solar Auxilia Orbital Support 1 Emperor Class Battleship OR Dauntless Class Light Cruiser Emperor 300 pts or
Dauntless 150 pts
Solar Auxilia Artillery Tank Battery 3 Basilisk OR Bombard OR Medusa units 250 pts
Solar Auxilia Malcador Squadron 5 Malcador Heavy Tank or Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank units in any combination 350 pts
Solar Auxilia Super Heavy Tank 1 Baneblade OR 1 Shadowsword OR 1 Stormsword OR 1 Stormblade OR 1 Stormhammer unit 200 pts
Solar Auxilia Super Heavy Tank Squadron 3 Baneblade OR 3 Shadowsword OR 3 Stormsword OR 3 Stormblade OR 3 Stormhammer units 500 pts
Solar Auxilia Close Support Squadron 3 Leman Russ Demolisher or Leman Russ Incinerator units in any combination Executioner 200 pts
Solar Auxilia Tarantula Battery 4 Tarantula units and 1 Tarantula Hyperios unit 125 pts


Name Description Cost
Solar Auxilia Support Add 4 Auxilia Flamer Section or Veletaris Storm units in any combination +75 pts
Executioner Upgrade one Leman Russ unit to a Leman Russ Executioner +25 pts
Infantry Support Tank Add 1-2 Leman Russ Demolisher or Malcador Infernus tanks (of any type) +50 pts each
Ogryn Charonite Squad Add 2 Ogryn Charonite units +75 pts
Rapier Battery Add 4 Rapier Platform units +100 pts
Transport Add enough Dracosan Armoured Transport OR Stormlord OR Arvus Lighter Orbital Shuttle units to transport the entire detachment (of any type) +75 pts per Dracosan OR
+200 pts per Stormlord OR
+25 pts per Arvus Lighter
Vanquisher Upgrade one Leman Russ unit to a Leman Russ Vanquisher +25 pts

Lords of War

Detachment Unit Cost
Solar Auxilia Avenger Wing 2 Avenger Strike Fighter units 250 pts
Solar Auxilia Primaris-Lightning Wing 2 Primaris-Lightning Fighter units 225 pts


Cohesive allies: Legio Titanicus, Legion Astartes, Knight Household
Disruptive allies: Mechanicum Taghmata, Daemons Of The Ruinstorm

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