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Unit numbers and transport capacity Editing unit numbers and point costs to be compatible with vehicle transport capacity (base 4) -JB
Cleaned up the transport capacity and tech priest concept, to have 5 robots and 2 tech priests per unit standard, in order to have a base of 12 transport spots to have 3x transports filled on an upgrade.
Vorax remain with optional tech priests as they are scouts with a faster move.
Going to change Magos/Archmagos into an upgrade that gives the additional benefits whilst upgrading a tech priest (or Myrmidon) stand to AV, in order to mitigate INF sniping to take tech priests out of robot units too easily.
Removed Tech Priest from Myrmidons, they should not need them.
Cleaned up the Hyperios upgrade to just 1-3 -JB
Added Scyllax Guardian Autonama units as upgrades to detachments that may take Magos -JB