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The following rule replaces the standard rule for Combat Air Patrols located in section 4.2 of the Net Epic Armaggeddon Tournament Pack. The design concept behind this amendment is to provide players with the ability to have a fighter escort provide protection to other aircraft formations. Similar in nature to the relationship between Fighter and Bomber Command sorties during World War 2.


... Combat Air Patrol (CAP)

Only fighters and fighter-bombers can choose to attempt this action. Upon a successful action test, set up the formation touching your deployment zone table edge to show where it will enter play.

A formation on Combat Air Patrol may choose to carry out an interception action in reaction to an enemy aircraft entering the field of play. No initiative test is required to carry out the interception action. The CAP interception takes place after the targeted enemy formation has completed its approach move, but before that formation is able to make its original attack. The interception follows the normal rules, effectively being an action within an action. After the interception has been carried out play returns to the conduct of the original aircraft action.

Formations that are on Combat Air Patrol remain on Combat Air Patrol until they make an interception. If they haven’t made an interception action by the end of the turn, they can either stand down and return to base normally, or remain in a Combat Air Patrol into the following turn...

Sequence of Play

As an example:

  • Player 1 places a Xiphon Interceptor Wing formation on Combat Air Patrol, he places them on his board edge and awaits a suitable target.
  • In response, Player 2 places his Xiphon Interceptor Wing on Combat Air Patrol as well.
  • Later, Player 1 conducts an Air Landing action with a Thunderhawk Gunship carrying a Tactical Detachment.
  • Player 1 completes their approach move with the Thunderhawk, but before troops can disembark.
  • Player 2 elects to conduct his Combat Air Patrol interception, interrupting the normal sequence of play.
  • Player 2 then conducts an approach move to intercept the Thunderhawk, as Player 2's Xiphon Interceptor Wing completes its approach move, but before the Xiphons attack the Thunderhawk.
  • Player 1 elects to conduct his CAP interception action against Player 2's Xiphon Interceptor Wing.
  • Once Player 1's Xiphon Interceptor Wing has completed it's approach move, ground base anti-aircraft attacks are resolved against each aircraft formation in the order of activation.
  • In this case, any ground based attacks against the Thunderhawk by Player 2, then any ground based attacks by Player 1 against Player 2's Xiphon Interceptor Wing and then Player 1's Xiphon Interceptor Wing may be fired upon by any of Player 2's ground based units with anti-aircraft fire.
  • Once ground based attacks are complete any aircraft based anti-aircraft attacks are made in the reverse order to ground based attacks.
  • Player 1's Xiphon Interceptor would attack Player 2's Xiphon Interceptor Wing first, followed by Player 2's Interceptor Wing attacking Player 1's Thunderhawk and then the Thunderhawk making any defensive anti-aircraft attacks against Player 2's Xiphon Interceptor Wing.
  • Once complete, the Thunderhawk (if still available) may disembark the Tactical Detachment.