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Demi-God. A Demi-God unit has three wounds similar to a WE, however, a Demi-God wound capacity has a number of differences to that of a WE. A Demi-God unit must maintain a 5cm unit coherency with its formation unless it possesses the Scout special rule. A Demi-God unit can be allocated hits up to its starting wound capacity. A Demi-God unit requires two blast markers to be considered suppressed or broken. A Demi-God that loses a damage point does not incur a blast marker, however, when a Demi-God’s wounds are reduced to zero, the Demi-God unit is destroyed and all friendly formation within 30cm receive two blast markers. A Demi-God unit does not suffer critical hits when it loses a wound and cannot barge other units like a WE. A Demi-God does not roll a number of hit dice equal to its wounds like a WE and cannot elect to use its FF or CC value like a WE. A Demi-God unit counts as the same unit type as their retinue for transport capacity purposes.