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The Emperor's Chosen. The Legio Custodes are the Emperor's elite, forged in his image, they gain the following special rules:

  • It takes 2 Blast markers to suppress a Legio Custodes unit or kill a unit in a broken formation (ignoring any leftover Blast markers).
  • Legio Custodes formations are only considered broken if they have 2 blast markers per unit in the formation (as opposed to the standard one blast marker per unit).
  • Legio Custodes formations only count half the number of blast markers in assault resolution (rounding down – note that assault resolution will not receive +1 for having no Blast markers if the formation has 1 Blast marker before rounding down).
  • When a broken Legion Custodes formation rallies, it receives a number of Blast markers equal to the number of units, rather than half this number. Legio Custodes with the Leader special ability remove 2 Blast markers instead of 1.
  • Legio Custodes formations halve the number of hackdowns suffered when a formation loses an assault.