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Void Shields. Some units are protected by void shield generators. Each void shield will stop one point of damage and then go down. Do not make armour saves for damage stopped by void shields, nor allocate blast markers. Once all of the shields have been knocked down, the unit may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are allocated. Hits from close combat ignore void shields but units using their firefight value must first knock down any shields before they can damage the unit. Void shields that have been knocked down can be repaired. A unit can repair one downed void shield in the end phase of each turn. In addition, if a unit regroups it can use the dice roll to either repair a void shield or remove blast markers (e.g., if you rolled a 2 you could repair 2 shields, remove 2 blast markers or repair 1 shield and remove 1 blast marker).