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The following information is available for developers and players alike. In Net Epic Armageddon there are three weapon types, Anti-Personnel (AP), Anti-Tank (AT), Anti-Aircraft (AA). It is from these foundation characteristics that special weapon effects and their targets are derived.

Design Concept

In Epic Armageddon, the abstraction of the special rules and effects available across the universe can be difficult. In this supplement, we intend to keep the game mechanics simple, to prevent a constant reference the rulebook during play. This poses difficulties for the development of the supplement. We have attempted to match the characteristics of certain units or weapon effects, however, were limited by what the original rule book provided us with. To address this during development, we adopted a common approach across the weapon datasheets, ensuring that while the name might be different, the intended effect is the same.

Special Rules

Fleshbane. Some weapons utilise ammunition that is exceptionally effective against infantry units or are specifically designed to rend flesh. Ammunition types might include radiological, biological or chemical munitions, while other equipment might entail serrated blades and poison. A hit generated from a "Fleshbane" weapon attack reduces the target's saving throw by one (-1). This modifier only applies to a hit generated by the Anti Personnel (AP), Close Combat (CC) or Firefight (FF) to hit value of a "Fleshbane" weapon and that is allocated against Infantry (INF) or (LV) units. This effect is ignored when hitting or allocated against Armored Vehicles (AV) or War Engines (WE).

Armorbane. Armorbane weaponry is tailored for the destruction of Armored Vehicles. Whether high-velocity sabot rounds or super hot plasma, hits generated by Armorbane weapons reduce the target's saving throw by one (-1). This modifier only applies to the hits generated using the Anti-Tank (AT), Close Combat (CC) or Firefight (FF) to hit value or the Armorbane weapon and that is allocated against Light Vehicles (LV), Armoured Vehicles (AV) or War Engines (WE). This effect is ignored when used against Infantry (INF).

Lance. A weapon with the Lance special rule is designed to destroy heavily armoured targets. An Armoured Vehicle (AV) unit with the Reinforced Armour special rule that is hit by a Lance weapon is not allowed to re-roll its saving throw. This special rule does not affect Infantry (INF) or Light Vehicles (LV) units.

Macro-Weapon. Some of the weapons in Epic are extremely powerful. A unit hit by a Macro-Weapon is not allowed a saving throw unless they possess Reinforced Armour or an Invulnerable Save. Even then, they may not reroll the saving throw as the weapon makes a mockery of their protective systems. The Macro-Weapon (MW) effect only applies to the unit type of the corresponding "to hit" value. An Anti-Personnel with the to-hit value of AP4+, MW cannot be allocated against an Armored Vehicle (AV) and does not affect the saving throw of the AV.

Sniper. There are certain units that possess excellent marksmanship skills, weapons with advanced targeting equipment or skills in dueling and assassination. When determining hits from a weapon with the "Sniper" characteristic, roll to hit separately, during step three of the Shooting Procedure or during step four of the Assault Procedure. Sniper attacks may be allocated against any target of the attackers choosing, as long as it is a valid target either in range and line of fire or base contact.


Table 1 details the success probability of a standard hit against standard armour. Table 2 shows the success probability of a standard hit against reinforced armour. The percentage chance shown is the likelihood that the attacking player will successfully hit and the defending player will fail the unit's saving throw.

Table 1 - Standard Armour
To hit 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+
6+ 2.78% 5.56% 8.33% 11.11% 13.89%
5+ 5.56% 11.11% 16.67% 22.22% 27.78%
4+ 8.33% 16.67% 25.00% 33.33% 41.67%
3+ 11.11% 22.22% 33.33% 44.44% 55.56%
2+ 13.89% 27.78% 41.67% 55.56% 69.44%
Table 2 - Reinforced Armour
To hit 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+
6+ 0.46% 1.85% 4.17% 7.41% 11.57%
5+ 0.93% 3.70% 8.33% 14.81% 23.15%
4+ 1.39% 5.56% 12.50% 22.22% 34.72%
3+ 1.85% 7.41% 16.67% 29.63% 46.30%
2+ 2.31% 9.26% 20.83% 37.04% 57.87%