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The Legio Custodes are the bodyguards and sworn protectors of the Emperor, his chosen emissaries, and, should the need arise, his most deadly executioners. Legio Custodes armies have a strategy rating of 1+ and Legio Custodes formations have an initiative rating of 1+. Legio Custodes can spend up to 1/2 of the total points value on Allies and/or Lords of War.

Special Rules

The Emperor's Chosen. The Legio Custodes are the Emperor's elite, forged in his image, they gain the following special rules:

  • It takes 2 Blast markers to suppress a Legio Custodes unit or kill a unit in a broken formation (ignoring any leftover Blast markers).
  • Legio Custodes formations are only considered broken if they have 2 blast markers per unit in the formation (as opposed to the standard one blast marker per unit).
  • Legio Custodes formations only count half the number of blast markers in assault resolution (rounding down – note that assault resolution will not receive +1 for having no Blast markers if the formation has 1 Blast marker before rounding down).
  • When a broken Legion Custodes formation rallies, it receives a number of Blast markers equal to the number of units, rather than half this number. Legio Custodes with the Leader special ability remove 2 Blast markers instead of 1.
  • Legio Custodes formations halve the number of hackdowns suffered when a formation loses an assault.

Line Detachments

Legio Custodes Line Detachments can only take each upgrade once.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Hykanatoi Detachment 6 Sentinel Guard OR 6 Custodian Guard units OR 6 Sagittarum Custodes Captain-General OR Senior Officer, Teleport, Carrier 350 pts
Kataphraktoi Detachment 6 Custodes Agamatus units Senior Officer 300 pts

Support Detachments

Three Support Detachments may be chosen per Line Detachment. Legion Custodes Support Detachments can only take each upgrade once.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Tharanatoi Detachment 4 Aquilion Terminators Captain General OR Senior Officer, Carrier OR Teleport 375 pts
Ephoroi Detachment 4 Ephoroi Custodes Carrier 325 pts
Venatari Detachment 4 Venatari Squads - 350 pts
Sisters Detachment 4 Sisters of Silence Teleport 250 pts
Morotoi Detachment 4 Custodes Dreadnought variants - 350 pts
Pallas Grav-Attack Squadron 3 Pallas Grav-Attack Vehicles - 250 pts
Caladius Grav-Tank Squadron 3 Caladius Grav-Tanks - 325 pts

Lords of War

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Orion Assault Squadron 1 - 2 Orion Assault Ship - 300 pts each
Ares Strike Squadron 2 Ares GunShip - 275 pts


Name Description Cost
0-1 Captain-General Add 1 Captain-General 100 pts
Senior Officer Add 1 Tribune 25 pts
Teleport Add the Teleport special rule to each unit in the formation 50 pts
Carrier Add enough Coronus Grav-Carrier units to transport the whole detachment 75 pts each

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