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Welcome to the epicAU wiki for the Horus Heresy supplement to Net Epic Armageddon.

This wiki displays the Horus Heresy supplement for Net Epic Armageddon. The supplement is intrinsically linked to Forgeworld's Horus Heresy work in 28mm scale and is being adapted for the 6mm scale found in Epic Armageddon. Our vision is for a thematically accurate and balanced supplement players can use to reproduce large scale battles during a time of epic betrayal and war.

While the Horus Heresy Supplement army lists and scenarios are being play tested, we would ask players to share their thoughts and experiences on how the units, list construction and armies feel thematically. We would also like to hear your thoughts on elements of the supplement like unit costing, force organisation and adherence to canon. Feedback can be provided through the epicAU forums or by e-mailing the team at

To start buiding a Horus Heresy era force you will need to use one the army lists available through this wiki or through the epicAU resources page. The Legion Astartes core list is a great place to start building your 6mm Horus Heresy army as well as the Building a Heresy Force page located on this wiki. If you are new to the supplement or Epic Armageddon, it is recommended that you use the Core Legion Astartes list initially to gain an understanding of the core detachments before branching into one of the unique legions found during the Heresy.

Due to the ease at which the wiki can be updated, the army lists found on the wiki sound be considered experimental with the latest PDFs being considered developmental or official. While we will keep the variation between the two to a minimum, gaps will exist due to the static nature of PDF creation and distribution versus the dynamic updates available through the wiki.

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, feel free to create an account and start creating pages. Due to the nature of the army lists they are version controlled however, discussion pages and any background to units to assist in maintaining a single resource for 6mm heresy era gaming, we would strongly encourage.

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