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Mechanicum Taghmata armies have a Strategy Rating of 3. All formations have an Initiative rating of 2+.

Special Rules


A formation does not receive a Blast marker when a unit with automaton is destroyed, this includes the extra Blast marker from the first casualty of a crossfire and for units destroyed for being out of formation after a move. Automaton units hit by a weapon with disrupt do take a Blast marker however. If a hit is inflicted on an automaton unit because it is in a broken formation which is receiving a Blast marker (see Blast Markers and Broken Formations) then it may attempt to save normally.

Cortex Controller

Allows any formation containing units with the Cybernetica Cortex rule to operate normally, for the purpose of selecting an action and activating, as long as that formations has a unit within 15cm of a unit with this special rule.

Cybernetica Cortex

Formations containing units with the Cybernetica Cortex rule suffer a -1 initiative penalty and may not perform March or Overwatch actions, if there are no friendly units with the Cortex Controller special rule within 15 cm of the formation.

Lance. A weapon with the Lance special rule is designed to destroy heavily armoured targets. An Armoured Vehicle (AV) unit with the Reinforced Armour special rule that is hit by a Lance weapon is not allowed to re-roll its saving throw. This special rule does not affect Infantry (INF) or Light Vehicles (LV) units.

Singularity. At its height, the Horus Heresy, saw both sides turn to outlawed dark age technologies. Singularity weapons are capable of generating a continuous discharge of energy. When rolling to hit, with a Singularity weapon, any unmodified to hit roll of six (6), generates an additional attack die. Successive rolls of a natural six can generate additional dice.

Void Shields. Some units are protected by void shield generators. Each void shield will stop one point of damage and then go down. Do not make armour saves for damage stopped by void shields, nor allocate blast markers. Once all of the shields have been knocked down, the unit may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are allocated. Hits from close combat ignore void shields but units using their firefight value must first knock down any shields before they can damage the unit. Void shields that have been knocked down can be repaired. A unit can repair one downed void shield in the end phase of each turn. In addition, if a unit regroups it can use the dice roll to either repair a void shield or remove blast markers (e.g., if you rolled a 2 you could repair 2 shields, remove 2 blast markers or repair 1 shield and remove 1 blast marker).

Allies. Armies may ally with a wide range of factions in the Heresy supplement, while some are easily incorporated into your force others have a disruptive effect on your overall strategy. Any formations from a “Disruptive” ally reduce the army’s strategy rating by one (-1). Additionally, Supreme Commander rerolls may not be used on “Disruptive” ally formations. Allied force selections must comply with any restrictions within their own army lists. When including formations from an ally army list, the restrictions for Space Craft and Supreme Commanders are applied across the entire force. Only one Supreme Commander can be selected and they must come from the primary army list. For example, an allies line detachment must be purchased before you can purchase an allies support detachment.

Line Detachments

A line detachment may choose up to four upgrades, each upgrade for that detachment can only be chosen once and only one transport option may be selected.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Adsecularis Covenent 10 Tech-Thrall units and 2 Tech-Priest units Krios, Magos, Scyllax, Transport 150 pts
Thallax Cohort 6 Thallax units Krios, Magos, Scyllax, Tech-Priest, Transport 300 pts
Ursarax Cohort 6 Ursarax units Tech-Priest, Transport 250 pts
Vorax Maniple 6 Vorax Battle-Automata Tech-Priest 250 pts
Castellax Maniple 5 Castellax Battle-Automata and 2 Tech-Priest units Magos, Scyllax, Thanatar 275 pts

Support Detachments

Three support detachments may be chosen for each line detachment selected. Detachments may choose up to four upgrades, however each upgrade can only be chosen once per detachment.

Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
Vultarax Maniple 6 Vultarax Stratos-Automata - 250 pts
Thanatar Maniple 3 Thanatar Battle-Automata Magos, Scyllax, Tech-Priest 200 pts
Krios Battle Tank Squadron 5 Krios Battle Tanks of any configuration Krios 300 pts
Karacnos Assault Squadron 4 Karacnos Assault Tanks - 300 pts
Myrmidon Sect 6 Myrmidon Secutors OR Myrmidon Destructors Krios, Magos, Scyllax, Transport 300 pts
Tarantula Battery 5 Tarantula Sentry Guns Hyperios 125 pts
Minotaur Artillery Battery 3 Minotaur Artillery Tanks - 350 pts
(0-1 per 2000 points) Ordinatus Minorus Tormenta 3 Ordinatus Minorus of any configuration - 500 pts

Lords of War

Up to 1/3 of the army's points may be spent on Allies or Lords Of War

Detachment Unit Cost
Imperial Navy Avenger Wing 2 Avenger Strike Fighter units 250 pts
Imperial Navy Primaris-Lightning Wing 2 Primaris-Lightning Fighter units 225 pts
Super Heavy Tank Destroyer 1 Mechanicum Falchion 250 pts
(0-1) Ordinatus Majoris 1 Ordinatus Majoris 450 pts


Upgrade Units Cost
Magos Upgrade 1 Tech-Priest or Myrmidon unit in the formation to 0-1 Archmagos Prime OR 1 Magos Prime Archmagos Prime 100 pts
Magos Prime 50 pts
Tech Priest Add 1-3 Tech-Priest units 25 pts each
Transport Add enough Triaros or Adeptus Mechanicum Land Raiders to transport the entire formation 75 pts each
Krios Add 1-3 Krios Battle Tanks of any configuration 50 pts each
Karacnos Add 1-3 Karacnos Assault Tank units 75 pts each
Thanatar Add 1-3 Thanatar Battle-Automata 75 pts each
Hyperios Upgrade 1-3 Tarantula Platforms to Hyperios Platforms 50 pts each
Scyllax Add 1-4 Scyllax Guardian-Automata units 50 pts each


Up to 1/3 of the army's points may be spent on Allies or Lords Of War

Cohesive: Legiones Astartes, Knight Household, Legio Titanicus
Disruptive: Imperial Militia, Solar Auxilia

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