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Arvus Lighter

So looking through Book 4 and the limited deployment options for the Solar Auxilia, I included the Arvus Lighter for a cheap transport option to be used in conjunction with Spacecraft should players want to add something air mobile to the giant horde of armoured vehicles that the Solar Auxilia can produce in a list.

Initial configuration and carry capacity should cover a variety of force composition for players.


The Heavy Bolter mounted on the side sponsons have been separated into 3 each side with restricted arcs to replicate the physical characteristics of the WE.


Solar Auxilia Command Section The most common and iconic special weapon for command sections is grenade launchers. Given their special ammo types the statline could easily stay the same, though.

I dunno if the Lasrifle section deserves a 30cm range, AP6+ attack - akin to 'pulse rifles' that tau infantry get. The ability to fire collimator-ed lasrifle fire in greater density and to greater range than bolter fire is one of the auxilia's few edges over legion units.

Is a rapier battery or storm section formation all required to select the same option? A tercio will be several squads, after all, and having a household guard unit with power axes supported by a couple of units with volkites makes sense. Equally, shouldn't the Lord Marshall's boys have the option of power axes as its specifically the household guard who are associated with "ceremonial power axes"?

The Malcador Infernus' main gun should almost certainly have 'ignores cover'. 30cm might be an excessive range, but if sticking to 15cm increments I guess it's the best. It ought to have ignores cover in firefights, too.