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Some forces employ static defences as part of their overall strategy. Offering troops protection and holding key terrain, Fortifications are an effective choice for a commander seeking a defensive position to launch an assault from. When using Fortifications, the following effects apply:

  • Fortifications must always be garrisoned.
  • Fortifications remain under the control of the originating player.
  • Fortifications cannot claim objectives, only contest.
  • When Fortifications are destroyed they become dangerous terrain to all unit types.

Defensive Obstacles

Some fortifications come paired with defensive obstacles, These obstacles enable a controlling player to delay or shape an enemy advance. A fortification with the ", plus Defensive Obstacles" may choose one of the following obstacle effects:

  • Anti-personnel minefield
  • Anti-tank minefield
  • Dragons Teeth
  • Razor Wire

Defensive Obstacles must be placed within 5 cm of the fortification that was purchased. They are neutral, effect both players and cannot be destroyed. Additionally, they cannot contest or control objectives. The following table displays the effects of each defensive obstacle in game terms. Players should discuss the way in which players model these obstacles during the five minute warm up.

Defensive Obstacles
Name Size INF AV WE Notes
Anti-personnel minefield 20cm x 5cm Dangerous Nil Nil -
Anti-tank minefield 20cm x 5cm Nil Dangerous Dangerous -
Dragons Teeth 20cm x 2.5cm Nil Impassable Dangerous -
Razor Wire 20cm x 2.5cm Impassable Nil Nil -