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Some units possess unmatched situational awareness, either through mutation, enhanced physiological traits, a vast array of onboard targeting and cognition systems or external data feeds from other sub-surface, surface, air, and space-based collection platforms.


To represent this enhanced situational awareness, a formation or unit with the split fire rule may choose two target formations to shoot at when conducting a sustained fire or advance action. You cannot split fire with a unit that is on overwatch, or conducting a marshal or double order. A formation or unit that uses the split fire rule may select and shoot at two different formations when it conducts a successful activation test. The manner in which it targets and shoots is described below.

Sequence of Play

As an example:

  • Player 1 declares an 'Advance' order with his Reaver Battle Titan.
  • Player 1 rolls to activate as per the standard activation method.
  • Player 1 moves their Reaver up to the Reaver's movement distance and selects two different target formations, nominating one primary and one secondary.
  • Player 1 then declares which weapon systems he will use against each target formation (taking into account weapon arcs). A formation must be targeted by at least one weapon each.
  • Player 1 conducts their shooting at the primary formation as per the normal activation. (Place a blast marker on the primary formation, generate hits, Player 2 allocates hits front to rear, Player 2 makes saving throws, Player 2 removes casualties and adds any additional blast markers).
  • Player 1 then attempts to fire at the secondary target with a second activation roll with a -1 modifier to fire the remaining allocated weapons on the second formation.
  • If successful, Player 1 conducts their shooting at the second target formation as per a normal activation (taking into account normal range and weapon arc restrictions). Note, the second activation roll cannot generate a failed activation and does not generate a blast marker on either the firing or target formation if unsuccessful. Player 1 may use a supreme commanders re-roll for the second roll. A failed activation for shooting at the secondary formation cannot be re-allocated to the primary formation and vice versa.