New Year, New Rules

So, it has been a very long time since our last update.

The EpicAU team has been extremely busy this year with a range of work, life and study commitments. While we have tried to keep the army lists updated, more remains to be done on the supplement. Luckily the new year brings new opportunities and we wanted to unveil some of the latest efforts from the team, an updated core rule pack for Epic Armageddon. While there have been many FAQs and interpretations of the original rules, the EpicAU team wanted to introduce something different to the rules. While the changes are by no means perfect, we feel that the variations we have included create more opportunities for players.

We are incredibly excited to share our efforts with all the players out there. You can find our first version of the EpicAU core rules here. We have included some significant changes and a whole host of minor changes. A summary of the changes is listed below. We hope you enjoy and welcome any feedback you may have. You can contact us via FB or the email address.

Stand by for more updates in the New Year as the development team focuses on the non-legion armies that fought at the time of the Horus Heresy.

Version 1.0 Changelog

  • Amended the definitions on the unit stand size.
  • Added light vehicle description in the definition section.
  • Amended the range description to include “what is in range” information.
  • Amended the line of fire section to introduce more guidance on how area terrain should block line of sight for units.
  • Amended the Firepower description to include the Anti-Aircraft (AA). The unit characteristics include AA by default. However, previous iterations only defined AA in the Aircraft section.
  • Amended the initiative section to use clearer language.
  • Amended the Blast Markers section to remove the generation of a blast marker by a unit that cannot generate a “hit” against the formation, for eg, AP only weapons against an all AV formation.
  • Amended Strategy Phase description.
  • Amended ‘retain the initiative” section of the Action test description to reflect Commander requirement.
  • Amended the Movement description to provide detail on when and where you can, can’t or don’t have to move.
  • Moved the “Character” description to the unit type definitions section.
  • Amended “Commander” range to 10cm (up from 5cm).
  • Removed the unnecessary tables for blast markers.
  • Amended the Marshal action to allow a shoot and move option for hasty retreats.
  • Amended the Suppression mechanic to suppress from front to the back of the formation. (was back to front).
  • Amended the Barrage rules to restrict all templates “all must be in range”.
  • Amended the Barrage rules to include the ability to fully overlap templates to increase the lethality of large artillery barrages against some targets.
  • Provided clarity on mixed barrages and the effects of split fire rules on barrage weapons.
  • Amended the charge move section to provide clarity on close combat, firefight and zone of control misinterpretations.
  • Moved definitions and descriptions that apply throughout all phases to a single section.
  • Moved definitions and descriptions that only apply in a specific phase, to that phases section.
  • Amended Fearless to require Fearless units to make a saving throw against hack down hits from an assault or blast marker “hit” against the unit. (previously, Fearless units were immune to both).
  • Amended Expendable to not count expendable casualties towards assault resolution.
  • Amended the Invulnerable Save description to include better invulnerable save options. Previously Invulnerable Saves were only 6+, we specify the change in brackets in the supplement.
  • Amended the Slow and Steady rule to allow a 2nd turn drop by larger spacecraft to increase the flexibility and lethality of drop assault armies.
  • Amended the Macro Weapon special rule to reinforce its place as a special rule and not a separate weapon type.
  • Created a generic critical hit and critical effect table to replace the different application of critical hit effects on War Engines, this will result in the removal of critical hit effects being described in EpicAU unit datasheets.
  • Removed duplicate statements on FF and CC values throughout the Assault section.
  • Moved the ability to retain the initiative to formations that have a unit with the Commander ability in them, removing it from the standard rules.
  • Moved Titan Killer weapon rules into the specialist weapon section with the remaining special weapon rules.
  • Amended War Engine Damage Capacity to allow large War Engines to be reduced in effectiveness as they become damaged.
  • Added the Escort action for Fighter aircraft to protect other Aircraft formations that conduct an attack.
  • Removed the reference sheet from the back of the rules to a separate sheet.
  • Moved aircraft and spacecraft descriptions to the unit definition section in the introduction.
  • Separated Aerospace Section into Aircraft and Spacecraft sections for clarity.
  • Removed War Engine specific transport rules to simplify rules and increase flexibility for War Engine transport vehicles.
  • Amended Aircraft attack sequence to remove clutter and increase the speed of intercept, escort and ground attack actions.
  • Amended intermingled range to reduce rules exploitation with scouts screening from behind a formation.

The Munitorum – Army Builder

If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to and check out an awesome Web based army builder. The Munitorum features all the latest updates for the Heresy Supplement.


Spotlight: Legion Artillery

In this article we take a brief look at some of the different types of artillery available in the core Legion list.

During the Great Crusade, the range of vehicles available to the Legiones Astartes was vast. In the core legion, players have access to five different artillery vehicles. The Whirlwind, the Whirlwind Scorpius, the Basilisk, the Medusa and the Typhon Siege Tank. Each vehicle offers differences in flexibility and lethality. When selecting artillery, it is important, as always, to consider your opponent, the terrain you will be fighting on and how you envisage your units working together during the battle.


When thinking about how you want your artillery to influence your opponent’s deployment and movement across the board, the Basilisk’s Earthshaker Cannon range, at 120cm direct and 240cm in indirect, is far greater than the Whirlwind, at 45cm direct and 90cm in indirect fire mode, a standard tournament match is fought on a board 120 cm deep. If you take into account the 15cm deployment zones, a Whirlwind Battery, set up centrally can target units on the majority of the battlefield. However, the Basilisk can be set up on a flank deep in your own deployment zone and still target units indirectly on the opposite flank of the battlefield, providing you flexibility and giving your opponent something to consider when placing their units during the deployment phase


When considering targets, the standard Artillery Battery of four Basilisks or four Whirlwinds generates the same number of Barrage Points (4) when firing. However, the Whirlwind’s Vengeance and Castellan missiles Ignore Cover. If your opponent favours using vehicles or terrain to provide their units with cover, the Whirlwind is more successful at generating hits against those infantry in cover than the Basilisk is. As a rule, Barrage Weapons are not as effective at destroying vehicles (AV), as they are at destroying Infantry (INF) or Light Vehicles (LV). It is also common to see infantry units in base contact with vehicles to gain the -1 to hit from being in cover as they cross open ground. When you combine the common practice of moving infantry in cover with vehicles, with the Whirlwind’s benefit of ignoring the -1 to hit units in cover, you can start to have an effect on how your opponent moves their infantry. Your opponent will have to choose whether to dismount troops at the end of a move and leave them in contact with the vehicle, exposing them to your Whirlwind’s barrage or alternatively, moving them inside the vehicle, and leaving them vulnerable to an assault which could trap them inside the vehicle, preventing them from fighting.

Well, that’s just a quick look at two of the artillery vehicles available to you in the Heresy Supplement, in our next spot light article, we will take a look at the short range artillery monsters, the Medusa and the Typhon as well as some points on the current method of employing the Scorpius. Stay tuned..




Spotlight: Glaive Super Heavy Tank

In this article we take a brief look at one of the Legiones Astartes Super Heavy Tanks, the Glaive.

Offensively, the Glaive is a fantastic unit for softening up a large majority of the targets you will come across during your Heresy battles. The Glaive’s primary weapon, the Volkite Carronade boasts the Disrupt and Ignore Cover special rules ensuring your target sustains a high number of blast markers, decreasing the targets combat effectiveness when shooting, pushing the target closer to breaking point and increasing your chances of gaining the “less blast markers” bonus during an assault resolution against that target.

In the Epic Armageddon, Horus Heresy Supplement, a Glaive is capable of moving up to 40cm during a “double” order with a good chance of placing four blast markers on it’s target. If you position the Glaive appropriately during that move activation, a subsequent assault on the target formation will be able to benefit from the Glaive’s four “supporting fire” attacks, this will increase the benefits you gain from the 250 points you allocated on a Glaive.

Defensively, the Glaive boasts a 4+ Reinforced Armor save and the Thick Rear Armor special rule. Against standard attacks, the Glaive is likely to save 75% of the standard hits or 50% of the macro weapon hits it receives. When compared to the Fellblade and Falchion, the Glaive is less susceptible to being outmaneuvered, with Thick Rear Armor, the Glaive can position itself in the thick of fighting without fear of an enemy gaining cross fire reducing its protective characteristics.

During battle, a Glaive positioned well has a potent shaping affect on your opponent, while the other Super Heavy vehicles will influence the positioning of their Super Heavies, the Glaive will influence where your enemy places  infantry formations. A Glaive can surge forward mid game to weaken an enemy formation attempting on an objective critical to your or your opponents victory conditions. A follow up assault from another ground formation or an air based attack will often see your opponents battle plan in tatters and shifting the balance of power on the board.

While the Glaive doesn’t boast the range of some of the other Legion Super Heavy Tanks, its offensive and defensive capabilities make it a fantastic addition to your army. The development team would love to hear your thoughts on the  Glaive, you can contact us on Discord, email or Facebook.

Events & Competitions

CANCON 2019 – Register Now

Last year, the Epic Armageddon tournament at CANCON 2018 hosted 25 players, this year Tournament Organiser Kendall is pushing for more! If you haven’t registered, head over to the Canberra Gaming Society website here and sign up to secure a place at the table. With the recent re-release of Adeptus Titanicus by Games Workshop, and no specific Adeptus Titanicus tournament at CANCON, there is a high chance that all those budding Princeps will be itching to put their war engines to the test in a tournament. The Epic Armageddon tournament Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions army list offers Adeptus Titanicus players a perfect opportunity to use their shiny new models in Epic Armageddon.

Get in and secure your spot now.

Development News

Battle of Prospero and Terminator Rebalance

Legion Terminators receive some balance changes and two new legions hit the supplement. With the removal of the legion wide special rules, the unique legion units have been updated to better reflect the doctrines of war employed by the legions at the time of the crusade. These changes have come with cost changes to reflect the new characteristics of the units.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the latest updates to the wiki, the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons have been added, offering players the opportunity to refight the Battle of Prospero. The Space Wolves offer fans of the close fight a new special rule, Ferocity. Ferocity ensures that when the Space Wolves engage a target, they will have a good chance to get into base contact. While the Thousand Sons grasp of the immaterium is reflected in both offensive and defensive psychic powers that increase their combat effectiveness.

We encourage everyone to play test the new changes and send us your thoughts. The development team is available on Discord, Facebook or via email.

Next up we will be diving heavily into the Adeptus Mechanicus and Knightworld lists.

Development News

State of the Union

It has been a long time between drinks. While I would have preferred it otherwise, it is the reality of only being able to work on the supplement when spare time is available. When that spare time is filled with other more pressing matters or members of the development team decide to focus on other activities, the rate of effort drops off significantly.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t here for those of you who have questions about the content of the current version, or that the supplement’s development has stopped completely. epicAU will continue to develop the 30k supplement for Epic Armageddon. The release of Adeptus Titicanicus will only swell the ranks of Legio Titanicus and Knight Household players.

To focus on the army lists, special rules and scenarios, I have made the following changes to the site:
Forum closure. While the majority of players use a form of social media to talk about Epic Armageddon, the forum doesn’t get the traffic it needs to be a viable alternative to those conversations. The majority of players were willing to create an account, but only a handful ever posted questions, feedback or ideas. The amount of time required to manage the bot account creation coming out of the Ukraine far outweighed the benefit of having users communicate via the forum.

Gallery closure. The number of epic players taking photos and uploading them was limited to those in my immediate sphere of influence, additionally; the free web application available on this webhost to display them was clunky and unappealing.

Blog post content. When a change is made to the wiki, the main blog site, Facebook page and Facebook page and Facebook Messenger bot will feature a short update regarding the change. This will enable players to track changes to the supplement, find out the reasons behind the changes and help work with the development team on future changes. I will endeavor to track other event notifications, but that requires the event organizers to let me know when they want me to support them in advertising.

Contact details. I have only had a few people email me using the email address details found on the site. Every other question has been through middle man transactions on Facebook, Discord or during tournaments. That suggests a number of issues with the methods of communication, potentially, contact details are too hard to find, that people hate email, or that people prefer talking to someone they “know” before asking a stranger. To improve this somewhat, I have created a Facebook bot that will provide people limited information to get them towhere they might want to go in terms of information, links, etc.

While the development team has been very quiet this year, a lot of that has been due to work pressures, competing gaming interests and the low amount of feedback on the supplement . If you want to see more work on your specific army list, then we need you to let us know your experiences playing games of Epic Armageddon using the Heresy Supplement.

In the meantime, keep rolling those dice.

Events & Competitions News

BRISCON Doubles Up

Advance to Contact, the second Epic Armageddon tournament to be held at BRISCON, was a roaring success. The tournament saw a fantastic mix of new and old players from across the country battle it out for five intense rounds. As each round was completed, players uploaded their results in real time, making for a smooth transition from round to round.

The guys at the Painting Bunker put on a great tournament, displaying some fantastic terrain and a high degree of professionalism. Each table came complete with a rules pack, dice roller, admin area and amazingly detailed terrain pieces. The tournament winner this year was Jim XII who came away with five straight wins with his Dark Eldar army.

The convention itself had doubled in size since 2016, hinting at a welcome increase in tournament gaming in Queensland. Everything from Batman, Infinity, Warhammer 9th Age and Warhammer 40,000 had tournaments at this year’s BRISCON.

For more details on the Epic Armageddon results, you can see them online at TTT.