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The ground trembles – Titans 2015

With just under an hour until kick off, the first Titans Epic Armageddon tournament is set to be fast paced and brutal. The tournament organiser, JimXII has opened the field to a range of developmental and experimental lists. This offers players a lot of diversity when it comes to available factions and how to compose your army.

The draw includes over 15 players from across NSW and will see Adeptus Mechanicus armies, Space Marines, Necrons, three Ork variations (including a Gargant Bigmob!), Tau, Eldar, Vraksian Renegades, two Imperial Guard variations and a Chaos Titan Cult battle it out in South Coogee.

For the finer details, check out the Wargamer.AU forums.


epicAU on The Eye of Horus Podcast

Recently, JB and Lucas from the Heresy Development team sat down with the guys from The Eye of Horus Podcast to talk Net Epic Armageddon and more specifically, our Horus Heresy supplement. The team at The Eye of Horus Podcast run a regular show discussing new release models for Heresy era gaming, heresy area canon, analyzing Forgeworld 28mm army lists and talking generally about anything Horus Heresy related.

In episode 33, Tim and Mick from the Eye of Horus talk to JB and Lucas about the events that lead to the creation of the supplement, the Net Epic Armageddon game and what plans the development team have for the supplement.

To hear the pod cast, head on over to The Eye of Horus Blog for links to their download locations.

Events & Competitions


Its that time again. CGS have added Epic Armageddon once again to the list of tournaments to be held at CANCON over the Australia Day long weekend. We have enough slots for 30 players, and would like to get past the 26 player mark to knock over the previous largest attendance at an Epic Tournament. This tournament has been touted in the past as the Australian Nationals of Epic Armageddon. Its got a great feel with players coming from as far as WA and North Qld to get their hands on the myriad of prizes on offer. WA has had a strangle hold on the Tournament Champion for the past two years with Matt holding court over all comers.

CANCON is held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) over the Australia Day Long weekend and concludes on the Monday. You can register to play either, one, two or three days. One day refers to the Big Bash day only, two days refers to the tournament only and three days is the whole thing.


The format will be the same as 2015. Day one and two will be dedicated to the tournament. Playing six games over the two days to determine the tournament champion. Day three will be the ‘Big Bash’. For those that haven’t joined us before at CANCON, the Big Bash is a massed game between the entrants at the tournament. We generally set the list size at 4000 points. Teams are decided, overall generals for both sides are selected and players then have at it. The aim of the Big Bash event is to showcase Epic to other players at CANCON and to enjoy a massive game that many would not attempt.  As yet a theme for the day has not been decided. Watch this space as we launch a poll to help gauge interest. Some possible contenders at this stage are Horus Heresy, Engine War or Imperial vs Chaos.


Registration for the event is through the CGS website and is linked below. The registration function is a little unusual this year in that you have to select two options from the list. At the top you have the one, two or three day choices. Select one of these appropriate to your attendance. You then need to scroll down and find the corresponding Epic Armageddon days and select that. Eg, Two Day Entry $45.00 plus Sat & Sun CANCON 2016 Epic Armageddon Tournament $10.00.

CANCON Registration

I look forward to seeing the usual suspects at EPIC again in 2016. For those toying with the idea of coming along, its well worth it. The EA community in Australia is a great bunch. The tournament provides an opportunity for people to meet the faces behind the screens, learn a lot about variant gaming styles and make some long bonds of friendship. Keep watching this space and I will have the tournament pack loaded for all. Additional information about the tournament, rules and list constraints will be found in the pack.



News Tactics

Gate over Germana talks Dark Eldar

Our friends over at Gate over Germana have released a fantastic article for anyone thinking about starting a Dark Eldar army for Net Epic Armageddon. The article looks at army construction, cost and where to get the miniatures from. It forms a great foundation for anyone interested in Net Epic Armageddon and is located here. The blog features a number of great write ups and is well worth a look.

Events & Competitions News

Sydney Titans 2015 Players Pack

The Players Pack for Sydney Titans 2015 is available!

Titans: A one day, three round, 3000 point Epic Armageddon Tournament.

Tournament Officials:

When: 0900 h, Sunday, 11 October 15

Schedule: Sunday, 11 October 15

9:00 Introductions and Briefing

09:30 Game 1

12:00 Lunch and Army Painting Display

12:45 Game 2

15:15 Game 3

17:45 End of Play

 Where: South Coogee Bowling Club. Corner Henning Avenue and Moverly Road, South Coogee NSW 2034. Phone: (02) 9344 6557.

Registration: via the epicAU registration page

Army lists due 26 Sep 15. Please email your list and a copy of the Army List used to create your list to


Latest Horus Heresy Supplement for Net EA

They’re finally here, the Horus Heresy Supplement Primarchs! Tonight sees the latest update to the Horus Heresy Supplement for Net Epic Armageddon, version 0.8.6.

This version features all new line detachments, exciting new ways to select your allies and best of all, your favourite Primarchs. When selected the Primarch replaces the standard Legion Primarch in the core army list. This allows you to field your favourite Primarch with a standard retinue of troops and have them lay waste to your opponents army.

You can download the latest version of the list here and the reference sheet here.

Head on over to the forums and share your battle reports and thoughts on this release! We can’t wait to hear your tales of destruction, victory or betrayal.


Onslaught Hellborn & Sisters Pre-orders!

Exciting new designs are available for pre-order from Onslaught Miniatures. Onslaught miniatures have been hard at work with new Hellborn and Sisters designs. The Onslaught universe features a wide range of races including but not limited to the Avian, the Legion, the Hellborn, the Sisters and the Okami Technocracy Combine. Their ranges can be used with any 6mm ruleset and can serve as effective proxies for Net Epic Armageddon.

Head on over to their website and check out the latest in the Onslaught range.


Development News

Heresy 0.8.5 Release!

The latest update to the Heresy Supplement has been released. This version, 0.8.5 includes significant changes to the core legion options, allies and unit statistics. New units such as the Deredeo Dreadnought and Xiphon Interceptor have been added with many new upgrades available to the core and support detachments. Be sure to head over to the forums and share your thoughts on the new structure and options available to the Legion Astartes.

Version 0.8.5 can be downloaded from epicAU here.