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Battle of Prospero and Terminator Rebalance

Legion Terminators receive some balance changes and two new legions hit the supplement. With the removal of the legion wide special rules, the unique legion units have been updated to better reflect the doctrines of war employed by the legions at the time of the crusade. These changes have come with cost changes to reflect the new characteristics of the units.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the latest updates to the wiki, the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons have been added, offering players the opportunity to refight the Battle of Prospero. The Space Wolves offer fans of the close fight a new special rule, Ferocity. Ferocity ensures that when the Space Wolves engage a target, they will have a good chance to get into base contact. While the Thousand Sons grasp of the immaterium is reflected in both offensive and defensive psychic powers that increase their combat effectiveness.

We encourage everyone to play test the new changes and send us your thoughts. The development team is available on Discord, Facebook or via email.

Next up we will be diving heavily into the Adeptus Mechanicus and Knightworld lists.

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