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BRISCON Doubles Up

Advance to Contact, the second Epic Armageddon tournament to be held at BRISCON, was a roaring success. The tournament saw a fantastic mix of new and old players from across the country battle it out for five intense rounds. As each round was completed, players uploaded their results in real time, making for a smooth transition from round to round.

The guys at the Painting Bunker put on a great tournament, displaying some fantastic terrain and a high degree of professionalism. Each table came complete with a rules pack, dice roller, admin area and amazingly detailed terrain pieces. The tournament winner this year was Jim XII who came away with five straight wins with his Dark Eldar army.

The convention itself had doubled in size since 2016, hinting at a welcome increase in tournament gaming in Queensland. Everything from Batman, Infinity, Warhammer 9th Age and Warhammer 40,000 had tournaments at this year’s BRISCON.

For more details on the Epic Armageddon results, you can see them online at TTT.

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