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CANCON 2019 – Register Now

Last year, the Epic Armageddon tournament at CANCON 2018 hosted 25 players, this year Tournament Organiser Kendall is pushing for more! If you haven’t registered, head over to the Canberra Gaming Society website here and sign up to secure a place at the table. With the recent re-release of Adeptus Titanicus by Games Workshop, and no specific Adeptus Titanicus tournament at CANCON, there is a high chance that all those budding Princeps will be itching to put their war engines to the test in a tournament. The Epic Armageddon tournament Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions army list offers Adeptus Titanicus players a perfect opportunity to use their shiny new models in Epic Armageddon.

Get in and secure your spot now.

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