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Battle of Prospero and Terminator Rebalance

Legion Terminators receive some balance changes and two new legions hit the supplement. With the removal of the legion wide special rules, the unique legion units have been updated to better reflect the doctrines of war employed by the legions at the time of the crusade. These changes have come with cost changes to reflect the new characteristics of the units.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the latest updates to the wiki, the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons have been added, offering players the opportunity to refight the Battle of Prospero. The Space Wolves offer fans of the close fight a new special rule, Ferocity. Ferocity ensures that when the Space Wolves engage a target, they will have a good chance to get into base contact. While the Thousand Sons grasp of the immaterium is reflected in both offensive and defensive psychic powers that increase their combat effectiveness.

We encourage everyone to play test the new changes and send us your thoughts. The development team is available on Discord, Facebook or via email.

Next up we will be diving heavily into the Adeptus Mechanicus and Knightworld lists.

Development News

State of the Union

It has been a long time between drinks. While I would have preferred it otherwise, it is the reality of only being able to work on the supplement when spare time is available. When that spare time is filled with other more pressing matters or members of the development team decide to focus on other activities, the rate of effort drops off significantly.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t here for those of you who have questions about the content of the current version, or that the supplement’s development has stopped completely. epicAU will continue to develop the 30k supplement for Epic Armageddon. The release of Adeptus Titicanicus will only swell the ranks of Legio Titanicus and Knight Household players.

To focus on the army lists, special rules and scenarios, I have made the following changes to the site:
Forum closure. While the majority of players use a form of social media to talk about Epic Armageddon, the forum doesn’t get the traffic it needs to be a viable alternative to those conversations. The majority of players were willing to create an account, but only a handful ever posted questions, feedback or ideas. The amount of time required to manage the bot account creation coming out of the Ukraine far outweighed the benefit of having users communicate via the forum.

Gallery closure. The number of epic players taking photos and uploading them was limited to those in my immediate sphere of influence, additionally; the free web application available on this webhost to display them was clunky and unappealing.

Blog post content. When a change is made to the wiki, the main blog site, Facebook page and Facebook page and Facebook Messenger bot will feature a short update regarding the change. This will enable players to track changes to the supplement, find out the reasons behind the changes and help work with the development team on future changes. I will endeavor to track other event notifications, but that requires the event organizers to let me know when they want me to support them in advertising.

Contact details. I have only had a few people email me using the email address details found on the site. Every other question has been through middle man transactions on Facebook, Discord or during tournaments. That suggests a number of issues with the methods of communication, potentially, contact details are too hard to find, that people hate email, or that people prefer talking to someone they “know” before asking a stranger. To improve this somewhat, I have created a Facebook bot that will provide people limited information to get them towhere they might want to go in terms of information, links, etc.

While the development team has been very quiet this year, a lot of that has been due to work pressures, competing gaming interests and the low amount of feedback on the supplement . If you want to see more work on your specific army list, then we need you to let us know your experiences playing games of Epic Armageddon using the Heresy Supplement.

In the meantime, keep rolling those dice.

Development News

To fight or not to fight? – A look at the assault rules.

During CANCON this year, I experienced and was a bystander to two situations where I believe we identified an issue with the assault rules as written in the current tournament pack.

On both occasions, a player activated a formation with an engage order. At the completion of the move, the attacking and defending formation had units within 15cm, but no units from the attacking or defending formation had a valid line of fire to each other. The line of sight between them was blocked by a large piece of terrain greater than 10cm, therefor blocking line of sight but still able to bring units from both formations to within 15cms.

The assault rules found in the Tournament Pack at section 1.12.3 – Make a charge move state the following:

“It’s important to note that all you have to do is get one unit within 15cms of the enemy chosen as the target of the assault. There is no need for any units to get into base-to-base contact with the enemy unless you want them to.”

Under the rules as written, this situation is a legal action that can be taken by a player. If you factor in supporting fire or other assault modifiers and special rules such as “less blast markers” or “Inspiring” you can win an assault having never actually fought. While the tournament pack provides context for the question of getting a unit into base contact it does not stipulate a requirement to have a line of fire to the target formation. This presents a somewhat contrary situation. The design concept for assaults found in the Tournament Pack looks like this:

“The rules for assaults that follow are a crucial part of the Epic rules, and so it’s important to understand what they represent. Unlike most wargames, where assaults only really cover hand-to-hand combat, in Epic an assault covers everything that happens when a formation is ordered to assault an enemy formation. To put this another way, if you think of an assault as covering everything that happens in a typical 4–6 turn game of Warhammer 40,000, then you won’t go too far wrong!”

From my point of view, the design concept makes it clear that in an assault or engage action, someone fired a shot in anger at the opposing force. However, the current tournament pack and the FAQ do not force this requirement on to the player. An engage action and subsequent “assault” can be conducted, without ever firing a weapon.

I found this situation to be fairly frustrating. I believe an assault, at a minimum, requires someone to shoot using their Firefight value at the attacking or defending formation. The concept of “clipping” holds more in terms of representing a formation flanking a formation than the concept of “fighting without fighting“.

I also believe that the fix is fairly simple. Amend the following paragraph found at section 1.12.3 – Make a Charge Move:

“Make the move normally, as described in the movement rules given previously. Once the move is complete, the engaging formation must have at least one unit within 15cms of a unit from the target formation. If this is not the case then the assault does not take place and the action ends.”

To read as follows:

“Make the move normally, as described in the movement rules given previously. Once the move is complete, the engaging formation must have at least one unit within 15cms with a valid line of fire to a unit in the target formation. If this is not the case then the assault does not take place and the action ends.”

Line of Fire is adequately described in the Shooting section of the rules and removes the situation I encountered during CANCON. A select few within the Net Epic Armageddon community might argue that you cannot change the rules, that this will in some way, create a paradox resulting in the destruction of the universe. Others, say that exploiting an advantage in the rules is acceptable, rather than exploiting an actual tactical advantage. That said, this amendment will be made available in the Horus Heresy supplement, for those of you who wish to avoid, what you may believe is an oversight in the rules that needs to be fixed in order to meet the original design concept of the assault rules.

We would love to hear your comments on the matter, you can comment on our Facebook site here or on the forums here at epicAU. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Development News

Battle Reports are Go

The team at epicAU have put pen to paper and produced a fairly simple battle reporting tool for Epic Armageddon. The Battle Reporting Tool takes battle report data from a user and stores it in a database. This is so army list developers can review your battle reports and study the effectiveness of the lists they may be working on.

The epicAU Heresy Supplement team hope that players take the time to capture the data required for the Battle Reporting Tool and enter the results of their Epic Armageddon Heresy Supplement games. This will assist us to refine the lists for a more balanced composition. Submitting other reports is great too, but we are extra keen to see the reports of games using the Heresy Supplement.

To lodge a report, simple fill out the form located here with your game data. Your battle report will be stored in our database for analysis. The public viewing component of the analysis is limited at this time, while we work out the bugs in the current system (of which there are a few). Users should ensure that they enter valid data for each entry, especially when it comes to army factions and army lists as the tool does not check to confirm that your list is indeed, Ork or Space Marine, it simply records the entry you select.

To see the latest five battle reports entered into the tool, users can visit this page. If you would like to submit feedback, notify us of errors you get or add your army list to the drop down menus in the tool, please e-mail us on

Look forward to seeing your battle reports.

Development News


Just a quick update to let you know we’ve added new units and made some changes to the core list. The Contemptor Dreadnought has been updated to offer you increased flexibility. The Contemptor options function much the same way as the Predators. The variants found in the World Eaters and Iron Warriors lists have been removed. This is to reflect the variety of Contemptors available in the core list. The Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought and the Mastodon have been added with the rules now up on the wiki for play testing.

Let us know your feedback on these and any other elements of the epic30k army lists, we look forward to hearing from you.

Development News

In the grim dark of the future, there are only developer notes

It has been a long time between updates, unfortunately time and circumstance have delayed the release of 1.8.7. Despite this, the wiki continues to offer players the latest version of the Heresy supplement for games.

As conciliation, we are looking at publishing design notes to provide some insight into the proposed changes being investigated for the supplement. Articles will look at topics like a complete rebuild of the Knight Household list, changes to the Solar Auxilia line detachments and the inclusion of the legions found in Forgeworld’s book six.

So stand by.



Latest Horus Heresy Supplement for Net EA

They’re finally here, the Horus Heresy Supplement Primarchs! Tonight sees the latest update to the Horus Heresy Supplement for Net Epic Armageddon, version 0.8.6.

This version features all new line detachments, exciting new ways to select your allies and best of all, your favourite Primarchs. When selected the Primarch replaces the standard Legion Primarch in the core army list. This allows you to field your favourite Primarch with a standard retinue of troops and have them lay waste to your opponents army.

You can download the latest version of the list here and the reference sheet here.

Head on over to the forums and share your battle reports and thoughts on this release! We can’t wait to hear your tales of destruction, victory or betrayal.

Development News

Heresy 0.8.5 Release!

The latest update to the Heresy Supplement has been released. This version, 0.8.5 includes significant changes to the core legion options, allies and unit statistics. New units such as the Deredeo Dreadnought and Xiphon Interceptor have been added with many new upgrades available to the core and support detachments. Be sure to head over to the forums and share your thoughts on the new structure and options available to the Legion Astartes.

Version 0.8.5 can be downloaded from epicAU here.