Development News

Battle Reports are Go

The team at epicAU have put pen to paper and produced a fairly simple battle reporting tool for Epic Armageddon. The Battle Reporting Tool takes battle report data from a user and stores it in a database. This is so army list developers can review your battle reports and study the effectiveness of the lists they may be working on.

The epicAU Heresy Supplement team hope that players take the time to capture the data required for the Battle Reporting Tool and enter the results of their Epic Armageddon Heresy Supplement games. This will assist us to refine the lists for a more balanced composition. Submitting other reports is great too, but we are extra keen to see the reports of games using the Heresy Supplement.

To lodge a report, simple fill out the form located here with your game data. Your battle report will be stored in our database for analysis. The public viewing component of the analysis is limited at this time, while we work out the bugs in the current system (of which there are a few). Users should ensure that they enter valid data for each entry, especially when it comes to army factions and army lists as the tool does not check to confirm that your list is indeed, Ork or Space Marine, it simply records the entry you select.

To see the latest five battle reports entered into the tool, users can visit this page. If you would like to submit feedback, notify us of errors you get or add your army list to the drop down menus in the tool, please e-mail us on

Look forward to seeing your battle reports.

Events & Competitions News

The armies have marshalled! – CANCON 17

The armies!

The drums of war beat harder!

The organiser for this year’s Epic Armageddon tournament at the annual Canberra Convention has received and released the eagerly anticipated army lists. Every year after the army lists are released, power gamers and enthusiasts alike, pour over each list to assess and identify strengths and weaknesses that they can exploit, come game time.

The details!

Each year, a trend emerges in what players are taking to tournaments. This year is no exception, the causes of these trends vary, ranging from the latest release of miniatures to the list last year’s tournament winner used. This year, we will see five Eldar (1 Saim-Hann, 2 Iyanden and 2 Biel-Tan), three Ork (3 Gargant Bigmob), two Chaos (1 Vraksian Renegade and 1 Black Legion), two Tau (2 Vior’la), one Tyranid (1 Hive Onachus), seven Imperial Guard (2 Minervan, 4 Steel Legion, 1 Cadian), one Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion and six Space Marine (4 Codex Astartes, 2 Space Wolves).

For more details on the lists, head over to our forums or Facebook page and follow the discussion.


This year’s Epic Armageddon Tournament is set to be another great event, with 27 players taking to the field. I’ll be there, will you?

Events & Competitions News


Speaking of upcoming tournaments, the guys at The Painting Bunker will be running the Epic Armageddon Tournament at the Brisbane Convention in 2017. Next years BRISCON is schedule in late April and will host a wide variety of competitions and tournaments for table top gamers and board gamers.

The Epic Armageddon tournament offers 12 players a chance to display their painting skills and tactical acumen. With seats restricted to 12, you’ll have to be quick to secure a place.

You can check out the details for the convention here. The Epic tournament has been confirmed with the players pack already available here. We hope to see you there.

Events & Competitions News


With Christmas almost here and the New Year just around the corner, the jewel of the epic tournament scene here in Australia is less than forty days away.

CANCON 2017 will host its annual Net Epic Armageddon tournament, featuring players from across the country. This year is set to be another action packed tournament with new and seasoned players registering early for a seat at the NetEA tables.

Social media is rife with talk over who what armies will feature this year at the tournament? Who will win best general or who will take the title, bloodiest warlord?

Make sure you don’t miss out your chance for some great games of Epic Armageddon and register now through the Canberra Gaming Society website here.


Castle Assault 2016

With the weekend here, it brings Newcastle’s annual Epic Armageddon tournament Castle Assault! The army lists were released earlier in the week with a lot of banter being generated on Facebook and personal blog sites as to the lists and players to watch out for. You can read some of the pre-game chat and discussion on Facebook here, the D6 Addiction blog here and on the WG.AU forums here. If your in or around Newcastle this weekend, I recommend you drop in to the Legions club, the tournament runs over two days and is one of the better social outings for gaming, if your interested in the opportunity to see how the game plays, you should really check it out.

Development News


Just a quick update to let you know we’ve added new units and made some changes to the core list. The Contemptor Dreadnought has been updated to offer you increased flexibility. The Contemptor options function much the same way as the Predators. The variants found in the World Eaters and Iron Warriors lists have been removed. This is to reflect the variety of Contemptors available in the core list. The Leviathan Pattern Dreadnought and the Mastodon have been added with the rules now up on the wiki for play testing.

Let us know your feedback on these and any other elements of the epic30k army lists, we look forward to hearing from you.

Development News

In the grim dark of the future, there are only developer notes

It has been a long time between updates, unfortunately time and circumstance have delayed the release of 1.8.7. Despite this, the wiki continues to offer players the latest version of the Heresy supplement for games.

As conciliation, we are looking at publishing design notes to provide some insight into the proposed changes being investigated for the supplement. Articles will look at topics like a complete rebuild of the Knight Household list, changes to the Solar Auxilia line detachments and the inclusion of the legions found in Forgeworld’s book six.

So stand by.



CANCON 2016 Wrap Up

This year’s tournament was the largest ever with 32 registrations and 28 players participating over the two days. While some of the players couldn’t make the big weekend, nine new players took part, many only just recently taking up the game. Testament to the growth within the community and the effort being taken by the players Down Under to expand.

This year saw a diverse field with a focus on the Imperium forces. A breakdown of the armies was as follows:

  • Steel Legion x 2
  • Death Korps of Krieg
  • Minervan Tank Legion
  • Codex Marines x 6
  • Space Wolves
  • AMTL x 2
  • Knight World
  • Thurgrims Stronghold x 3
  • Biel Tan x 3
  • Black Legion
  • Emperors Children
  • Iron Warriors x 2
  • Thousand Sons
  • Vraksian Traitors
  • Scarab World Conflict
  • EpicUK Tyranids

The tournament consisted of 81  games over the course of two days.  Tournament highlights reported by the players and TO included the round 1 matches between both the veterans and new players, a Phantom Titan’s destruction at the hands of a Whirlwind Battery and all the Squat battles that demonstrated the different builds possible and provided the Army Champion with plenty of feedback on unit performance.

This was the hardest fought and closest ever Epic tournament @ CANCON. With four people capable of winning the tournament in the last round with the decider being the very last game played. We instigated a new award this year to recognise players attitude to the game and their continued commitment to turing up and having a go. The prize winners for the tournament were:

  • Tournament Champion – Steve Gibb – Squats (overall winner on points)
  • The General – Matt Aird – Space Wolves (most Victory Conditions)
  • The Destroyer – John Hammond – Vraksian Traitors (most Victory Points)
  • The Rookie – Chris Speivogel – Tyranids (highest ranking newcomer)
  • The Cursed – Josh Stacey – Black Legion (last place)
  • Peoples Choice – Tim Bolton – Codex Marines
  • Best Painted – John Sutton – Codex Marines

With the complete results listed below:

  1. Steve – Squats – 29 Points
  2. Michael – Biel Tan – 25 Points
  3. John – Vraksian Traitors – 25 Points
  4. Aaron – Codex Marines – 25 Points (bye buster army)
  5. Matt – Space Wolves – 22 Points
  6. Zac – Iron Warriors – 22 Points
  7. Jim – Biel Tan – 21 Points
  8. Kendall – Squats – 21 Points
  9. Duncan – Emperors Children – 21 Points
  10. Ben – Squats – 20 Points
  11. Chris – Tyranids – 20 Points
  12. Rory – Necrons – 19 Points
  13. Sam – DKOK – 19 Points
  14. Adam – Biel Tan – 18 Points
  15. Kristopher – AMTL – 18 Points
  16. John – Codex Marines – 17 Points
  17. Steve – Iron Warriors – 16 Points
  18. Warren – Knight World – 16 Points
  19. Sam – AMTL – 16 Points
  20. Dan – Steel Legion – 14 Points
  21. Calvin – Codex Marines – 14 Points
  22. Conor – Steel Legion – 12 Points
  23. Tim – Codex Marines – 12 Points
  24. Brent – Thousand Sons – 10 Points
  25. Chris – Codex Marines – 10 Points
  26. Josh – Black Legion – 9 Points
  27. Rupert – Codex Marines – 8 Points DNF
  28. Peter – Minervans – 7 Points DNF

Monday saw the Big Bash on display once again. However as Monday wasn’t  a public holiday there was reduced attendance, resulting in a two 2 versus 2 heresy matches. The loyalist line up included two Salamanders, the Solar Auxilia and a Titan Legion against Iron Warriors, Thousand Son, World Eaters and the Dark Mechanicum. The Traitors managing two victories over the Loyalist forces to claim bragging rights.

CANCON forms the jewel in the tournament crown each year in Australia and continues to offer up great players and great games in an ever expanding community, despite the game being unsupported by it’s original developers.