The Epic Armageddon tournament scene has expanded rapidly over the last 4 years, with four major events conducted regularly across Australia.

Epic Armageddon @ Cancon

The Canberra Gaming Society hosts one of the largest table top gaming conventions annually over the Australia Day long weekend. Gamers from across the country travel to participate in the wide range of tournaments held at CanCon, with Epic Armageddon being no exception. In 2015, 22 Epic gamers travelled from as far as Indonesia to meet, greet and throw down dice as part of the Epic Armageddon tournament at CanCon. 2 days of solid gaming with a third day hosting a Big Bash team event. This years Big Bash saw the forces of the Imperium attempt to stem the flow of Orks at the Battle for Armageddon.

Heavy Bolter

The Melbourne Knights host an annual Epic Armageddon tournament in the eastern suburbs to cater for the Victoria need to destroy their opponents in the 6mm scale. Held over two days around the middle of the year, Heavy Bolter is an exclusive Epic Armageddon tournament that averages around the 15 plus participants.

Epic Armageddon @ Castle Assault

The boys in Newcastle are known for promoting the social atmosphere and host a regular “wet” event at the Legions club, displaying a brotherly camaraderie and a focus on fun. Castle Assault hosts both Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000 and Epic Armageddon tournaments annually. The tournament is conducted over two days and is on track to be the largest Epic Armageddon tournament held in recent years with around 35 participants attending.

War in the 41st Millenium

The gentleman of the Tabletop Gamers Association in WA host a regular Epic Armageddon tournament for their local scene. Averaging over ten players each year, WA continues to provide some of the best players across the country. War in the 41st millenium is held over the course of a single day and generally the last official event of the calendar year.