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Imperium in darkness?

As the book closes on the tournament that was Castle Assault, the light of the Imperium has dwindled. The Tyranid swarm, Chaos horde and Necrons have taken the top three places at this years Castle Assault.

The second day of the tournament saw another two games played Over the course of the day and a lot less drinking for some reason. Despite all odds, alcohol and sexual innuendo, JimXII and his EpicUK Tyranid swarm came away with first place, followed closely by Kenny W’s Emperors Children and in third, Lucas C’s Scarab Conflict Necrons.

The level of competition was extremely high thought the tournament with the majority of matches being hotly contested with a turn fours and victory point deciders.

Castle Assault continues to produce a high calibre of tabletop war gamer with many newcomers to the epic scene offering strong competition throughout the tournament.

More details on the scores, pictures and discussion can be found here on the epicAU forums, so sign up and join the conversation. With luck our pod cast interviews from some of the players will find their way onto the site.