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The Great Devourer consumes Heavy Bolter!

Heavy Bolter has come and gone with 13 players battling it out for the title of Supreme Commander this year. Once the dust had settled and the skulls tallied, Jim XII’s Tyranid swarm had consumed all comers taking the top spot with a total of 64 points. The overall tournament rankings for Heavy Bolter were an aggregate value taking into account total points destroyed, total points lost, number of victory conditions secured and battles won.

The tournament featured 11 different lists across the 13 players with lists ranging from EpicUK Tyranids, Necrons, Codex Marines to Vraksian Renegades, Steel Legion and Iyanden Craftworld Eldar to name a few. Players participating all agreed that Heavy Bolter was a success and another great event in the Australian Net Epic Armageddon calendar with many committing to the next Heavy Bolter in 2016.

Further details and some imagery of the tournament can be found on the Wargamer.AU forums located here.

All eyes turn towards August with the stage now set and the die cast for the next Epic tournament in 2015, Castle Assault!

Events & Competitions News

Heavy Bolter 2015 tomorrow

The crew from Monday Knights in Melbourne are hosting their annual Epic Armageddon 40k tournament tomorrow. Over 15 players will wage apocalyptic battles in 6mm scale! If you’re not familiar with the Monday Knights team, you can check out there website located here. Details on the tournament venue and times can be found in the players pack located here.

Even if your not playing, but your local, you should swing by and check out the action.


Castle Assault is almost here!

The Newcastle Legions crew are hosting one of the largest table top war gaming events in Australia. Held annually at the Newcastle Legions club, Castle Assault is a must attend event for Epic Armageddon players featuring some of the  best local and national players in a social and engaging atmosphere.

This year looks set to be one of the largest gatherings of Epic players with well over 30 participants signing up.

Make sure you head on over to their website and check it out.


There is only war

Word on the street is that Onyx will be releasing the players pack for this years “There is only war” tournament in WA. If your a budding epic player located out west, this is the opportunity for you to meet the rest of the local epic scene. The event is being hosted by the TableTop Gamers Association and will be held on 19th of Jul 2015 at the Higgins park Tennis Club Main Hall. The club is located on the corner of Playfield St & Devenish St in East Victoria Park. Further details will be available in the coming days.



Onslaught Miniatures New Release

Bad news, work stole my last six weeks from me. Good News, Onslaught Miniatures released their Kaiju Mega Rig during my absence!! A painted version is available on the Onslaught Miniatures Facebook page here.

Onslaught miniatures are a great source for  players looking at trying out 6mm sci-fi rulesets. Their product is high quality and the customer service is excellent. I have purchased their Stygian range (Dark Eldar proxies) and have seen their OTC range (Tau proxies) across the table in a number of tournaments.

Head on over to their site and check out their range of 6mm miniatures.

Development News

Heresy List Updates!

JB, the man behind the highly successful Horus Heresy Supplement for Epic Armageddon has released the latest version of the Horus Heresy Core and Legion specific army lists, version 0.8.3.

This latest round of the army lists, introduces lists for the Night Lords, Raven Guard, Death Guard, Iron Warriors and Salamanders, with updates to existing Iron Hands and World Eaters lists.

The lists can be found here on the epicAU forums under the Horus Heresy development section. So get in there and start play testing.


epicAU is up

Kind of, the hosting service is up but it still needs a lot of design work to make it appealing.

The focus of the forums will remain development work for both Net Epic Armageddon and the Horus Heresy supplement as we expand to our player base, develop the hobby and rule set across Australia.

Additionally, we will expand to include articles from gamers, list designers and tournament organisers.