Net Epic Armageddon

The Net Epic Armageddon website features the core rules for Epic Armageddon 40k which are used by the EpicAU Horus Heresy army lists. The NetEA Tournament Pack includes all you need to learn how to battle between community developed army lists in 6mm.

Horus Heresy Supplement

For the latest work on the Horus Heresy supplement (including army lists and unit data) check out our wiki. We also produce army specific PDFs those who prefer to print out a specific version of a list for tournaments. Both the wiki and PDF versions must be used in conjunction with the NetEA Tournament Pack rulebook to reenact large scale Horus Heresy era battles. For feedback and questions on the lists, please head over to our discussion forums.

Army Builders

An army builder enables quick and easy army list creation. The following army builders provide support to a range of tabletop war games, including Net Epic Armageddon.


Armyforge is an army generator for Epic Armageddon 40k, Epic Horus Heresy, EpicUK, FERC and Warmaster. The list generator allows for rapid compilation of a list that can be printed, converted to text for copying or produce a URL for sharing, please note the Epic Horus Heresy lists are out of date and are being updated to comply with the information in the epicAU wiki.

Brumbaer Army Generator

Brumbaer is another great army generator for Epic Armageddon 40k and Warmaster. It features similar print, text conversion and linking abilities as Armyforge, with one additional feature, the unit statistics are displayed as you select them. This functionality removes the requirement to have to documents when playing as the army list and unit characteristics are included on the army list.

Painting Guides

If your looking for a spot of inspiration for your next epic project, try out one of the painting guides.

Sons of Horus – Vaaish shows us  how you can achieve a stunning Sons of Horus green with some simple techniques that achieve fantastic results.

Player Blog Sites

D6 Addiction – A great site for tactics articles and list discussion.

Fudd’s Hobby – A collection of armies on parade for the epic enthusiast.

Onyx’s Workshop – Onyx sits on the Epic Rules Committee and has a great collection of articles and photos.