Spotlight: Glaive Super Heavy Tank

In this article we take a brief look at one of the Legiones Astartes Super Heavy Tanks, the Glaive.

Offensively, the Glaive is a fantastic unit for softening up a large majority of the targets you will come across during your Heresy battles. The Glaive’s primary weapon, the Volkite Carronade boasts the Disrupt and Ignore Cover special rules ensuring your target sustains a high number of blast markers, decreasing the targets combat effectiveness when shooting, pushing the target closer to breaking point and increasing your chances of gaining the “less blast markers” bonus during an assault resolution against that target.

In the Epic Armageddon, Horus Heresy Supplement, a Glaive is capable of moving up to 40cm during a “double” order with a good chance of placing four blast markers on it’s target. If you position the Glaive appropriately during that move activation, a subsequent assault on the target formation will be able to benefit from the Glaive’s four “supporting fire” attacks, this will increase the benefits you gain from the 250 points you allocated on a Glaive.

Defensively, the Glaive boasts a 4+ Reinforced Armor save and the Thick Rear Armor special rule. Against standard attacks, the Glaive is likely to save 75% of the standard hits or 50% of the macro weapon hits it receives. When compared to the Fellblade and Falchion, the Glaive is less susceptible to being outmaneuvered, with Thick Rear Armor, the Glaive can position itself in the thick of fighting without fear of an enemy gaining cross fire reducing its protective characteristics.

During battle, a Glaive positioned well has a potent shaping affect on your opponent, while the other Super Heavy vehicles will influence the positioning of their Super Heavies, the Glaive will influence where your enemy places  infantry formations. A Glaive can surge forward mid game to weaken an enemy formation attempting on an objective critical to your or your opponents victory conditions. A follow up assault from another ground formation or an air based attack will often see your opponents battle plan in tatters and shifting the balance of power on the board.

While the Glaive doesn’t boast the range of some of the other Legion Super Heavy Tanks, its offensive and defensive capabilities make it a fantastic addition to your army. The development team would love to hear your thoughts on the  Glaive, you can contact us on Discord, email or Facebook.

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