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It has been a long time between drinks. While I would have preferred it otherwise, it is the reality of only being able to work on the supplement when spare time is available. When that spare time is filled with other more pressing matters or members of the development team decide to focus on other activities, the rate of effort drops off significantly.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t here for those of you who have questions about the content of the current version, or that the supplement’s development has stopped completely. epicAU will continue to develop the 30k supplement for Epic Armageddon. The release of Adeptus Titicanicus will only swell the ranks of Legio Titanicus and Knight Household players.

To focus on the army lists, special rules and scenarios, I have made the following changes to the site:
Forum closure. While the majority of players use a form of social media to talk about Epic Armageddon, the forum doesn’t get the traffic it needs to be a viable alternative to those conversations. The majority of players were willing to create an account, but only a handful ever posted questions, feedback or ideas. The amount of time required to manage the bot account creation coming out of the Ukraine far outweighed the benefit of having users communicate via the forum.

Gallery closure. The number of epic players taking photos and uploading them was limited to those in my immediate sphere of influence, additionally; the free web application available on this webhost to display them was clunky and unappealing.

Blog post content. When a change is made to the wiki, the main blog site, Facebook page and Facebook page and Facebook Messenger bot will feature a short update regarding the change. This will enable players to track changes to the supplement, find out the reasons behind the changes and help work with the development team on future changes. I will endeavor to track other event notifications, but that requires the event organizers to let me know when they want me to support them in advertising.

Contact details. I have only had a few people email me using the email address details found on the site. Every other question has been through middle man transactions on Facebook, Discord or during tournaments. That suggests a number of issues with the methods of communication, potentially, contact details are too hard to find, that people hate email, or that people prefer talking to someone they “know” before asking a stranger. To improve this somewhat, I have created a Facebook bot that will provide people limited information to get them towhere they might want to go in terms of information, links, etc.

While the development team has been very quiet this year, a lot of that has been due to work pressures, competing gaming interests and the low amount of feedback on the supplement . If you want to see more work on your specific army list, then we need you to let us know your experiences playing games of Epic Armageddon using the Heresy Supplement.

In the meantime, keep rolling those dice.

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