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Sally forth!

As the first day draws closed and the boat races have been run. The current Epic tournament standings are:

  • Jim XII – 32
  • Lucas C- 27
  • Mark S – 25
  • Steve G – 24
  • Ben T – 24
  • Aaron C – 23
  • Zac M – 22
  • John H – 20
  • Kendall W – 20
  • Warren L – 18
  • Sam A – 17
  • Rob L – 16
  • Duncan S – 16
  • Alan P – 15
  • Simon T – 14
  • Sam L – 14
  • Conrad C – 14
  • Nathan S – 14
  • Adam F – 13
  • Dan C – 13
  • Lyndsay S – 11
  • Josh S 4

It’s been an massive day of destruction with some intense competition on the tables. Despite Kent Fury’s best efforts, Jim W is ahead on the tournament scores despite being very, very… very drunk.

Tomorrow is set to be another great day!

Events & Competitions News

Let slip the dogs of war

It’s games day folks, players from across the country have descended upon Newcastle for this years Castle Assault. 24 Epic Armageddon players will battle it out for fame, glory and wanton destruction.

Will the might of the Imperium stand resolute against the foul legions of Chaos? Can the Squats survive to prosper once again or will the Necrons emerge from their dark places of rest to reclaim the universe.

The next two days of competition are set to be action packed and we here at epicAU will seek to bring you updates through out the course of the tournament on both Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned.


Events & Competitions

The Great Devourer consumes Heavy Bolter!

Heavy Bolter has come and gone with 13 players battling it out for the title of Supreme Commander this year. Once the dust had settled and the skulls tallied, Jim XII’s Tyranid swarm had consumed all comers taking the top spot with a total of 64 points. The overall tournament rankings for Heavy Bolter were an aggregate value taking into account total points destroyed, total points lost, number of victory conditions secured and battles won.

The tournament featured 11 different lists across the 13 players with lists ranging from EpicUK Tyranids, Necrons, Codex Marines to Vraksian Renegades, Steel Legion and Iyanden Craftworld Eldar to name a few. Players participating all agreed that Heavy Bolter was a success and another great event in the Australian Net Epic Armageddon calendar with many committing to the next Heavy Bolter in 2016.

Further details and some imagery of the tournament can be found on the Wargamer.AU forums located here.

All eyes turn towards August with the stage now set and the die cast for the next Epic tournament in 2015, Castle Assault!


Castle Assault is almost here!

The Newcastle Legions crew are hosting one of the largest table top war gaming events in Australia. Held annually at the Newcastle Legions club, Castle Assault is a must attend event for Epic Armageddon players featuring some of the  best local and national players in a social and engaging atmosphere.

This year looks set to be one of the largest gatherings of Epic players with well over 30 participants signing up.

Make sure you head on over to their website and check it out.