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BRISCON Army Lists

With eight players taking to the field, the inaugural BRISCON Epic Armageddon tournament will be one of the smaller events in the Australian Epic Armageddon calendar. Despite that, BRISCON will offer players a chance to meet new and old players from across the country, with players coming from Victoria and the Northern Territory to battle it out.

This year we will see the tournament has gone paperless. In the past, Epic Armageddon Tournament Organisers have had players submit hard copy tournament results at the completion of each round. The Tournament Organiser (or a suitable lackey) has then had to calculate the ladder and next round draw for each round based off these chicken scratchings.

For BRISCON, the┬áPainting Bunker, in conjunction with the developers of the online management tool, TableTop Tournaments, have put together an Epic Armageddon module for TableTop Tournaments. The Tabletop Tournaments management tool allows organisers to register events in advance, submit and track army lists, submit game results, allow tournament organisers to vet results before publishing them, seed each round draw and check out some of the tournament’s basic statistics, in real time!

You can see the Army lists and players details for BRISCON on the TTT website here. Check it out!

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