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Hive Fleet Behemoth

The Shadow of the warp stretches its dark tendrils across the ether, the sky darkens, the hive fleet draws near.

The living biological ships of the Tyranid Hive Fleet invasion force are translated into real space and disgorge their cargo of life forms in a grotesquely beautiful parody of birth.

The systems outer defences are overwhelmed by the endless of tide of hunger incarnate that has manifested before them.

The systems defenders ready themselves for a fight for their very life. In this fight against the evolutionary forces, only the strong and the faithful will survive. The weak and the impure will be consumed…

The list incorporates a number of existing ideas from a range of current lists whilst also introducing new units for the Tyranid player to explore. This allows players to represent the forces of a Tyranid Hive Fleet invasion force – introducing Bio-Ships, Tyrannocytes and a number of new units and formations.

The Hive Fleet Behemoth offers players a number of new options for the Tyranid player allowing for a vast range of play styles that can represent the initial Tyranid invasion or a more prolonged campaign. Version 1.0 of the list is available here.

Head on over to the forums to discuss the new list here.

All are consumed in the path of their hunger.

Development News

Heresy List Updates!

JB, the man behind the highly successful Horus Heresy Supplement for Epic Armageddon has released the latest version of the Horus Heresy Core and Legion specific army lists, version 0.8.3.

This latest round of the army lists, introduces lists for the Night Lords, Raven Guard, Death Guard, Iron Warriors and Salamanders, with updates to existing Iron Hands and World Eaters lists.

The lists can be found here on the epicAU forums under the Horus Heresy development section. So get in there and start play testing.