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Update your calendar!!

Epic war gamers, grab a pen and paper and write this stuff down. The dates for this year’s Epic Armageddon tournaments all across Australia!

With CANCON 2016 over, the rest of the Epic Armageddon line up looks like this:

“the emperor’s legions” – 01 May 16 – The guys in SEQLD have scheduled a single day tournament to help increase the Epic Armageddon / epic30k player base. The new addition to our gaming calendar is focused on developing new players and introducing them to both the Net Epic Armageddon rules and the Horus Heresy Supplement. The tournament will be nestled within the BRISCON and looks set to be a fun, friendly day of heresy.

“There is Only War” – 19 Jun or 12 Jul 16 – Our western cousins are set to hold their annual tournament in WA some time either in June or July with confirmation closer to the middle of the year. Producing some of the most competitive players in the country, There is Only War is a great event for new and experienced players alike.

“Heavy Bolter” – 25 & 26 Jun 16 – Our big friendly giant, JB will be hosting this year’s Net Epic Armageddon Heavy Bolter tournament over two days. This year will see another “wet” event with alcohol being served throughout the tournament.

“AUS30k presents Epic30k” – 6 & 7 Aug 16. Our brothers over at the Eye of Horus Podcast will be running a parallel epic30k tournament to their 28mm Heresy event for the AUS30k Heresy Campaign.

“epic @ Castle Assault Sci-Fi” – 20 & 21 Aug 16 – Touted as one of the most social events, Castle Assault Sci-Fi features both Warhammer 40,000 and it’s fast growing Net Epic Armageddon player base. Hosted in Newcastle at the Gallipoli Legions Club, I can honestly say, is one of the best war gaming tournaments going around.

Stay tuned for more details and make sure you secure yourself a spot at one, some or all of these great events.


Painting Guides are so in..

While we patiently await the results of this years Epic tournament at Canberra Convention. Here’s a painting guide from one of our visitors, Vaaish. The tutorial takes you from undercoat through to varnish, displaying some great techniques that achieve a fantastic Sons of Horus paint scheme. You can find it here or on our resources page.


Happy Holidays from epicAU

Just a quick post to wish all you tabletop gamers out there a happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year. 2016 is set to be a huge year for Epic Armageddon with nearly 30 players registering for Epic Armageddon tournament at CANCON.

With annual tournaments scheduled in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and the possibility of a tournament in Queensland, Epic Armageddon continues to increase in popularity once again.

On the Heresy Supplement front, the development team are scheduled to release 0.8.7 in Q1 2016 featuring elements of Forgeworld’s Horus Heresy Book Six. While on the web site, we will have our very own Heresy Supplement Army Builder and data packs for list generators such as BattleScribe.

Again, all the best over this holiday period and I will see you in the New Year.


World Eaters, Angron, Epic.. ohh my!

John over at The Painting Bunker has recently posted an article about his step into Net Epic Armageddon. I encourage you to take the time to check it out and the rest of his site. John has done a fantastic job painting with weathering effects that create a gritty look and feel that conveys an army that has endured throughout the Great Crusade

The blog also offers up some great displays of John’s painting in 6mm and those other scales. You can check out the article here.



Terrain that’s truly Epic – 5 Days to Go

With only 5 days left, Neil Collins in the UK will successfully fund his Indiegogo campaign. Neil is set to create a fantastic range of city wall’s for war in the 41st millenium. The campaign offers resin wall components that allow players to create the towering walls protecting the massive hive cities found in Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe. If you like what you see, the details can be found at the Indiegogo campaign were you can back his project and score some great terrain.


Though somewhat expensive, 150 GBP will net you a City Wall set consisting of ten components to create your defenses. The walls even feature sufficient space for standard strip bases to provide your troops a great vantage point to garrison from.


Check it out.


epicAU on The Eye of Horus Podcast

Recently, JB and Lucas from the Heresy Development team sat down with the guys from The Eye of Horus Podcast to talk Net Epic Armageddon and more specifically, our Horus Heresy supplement. The team at The Eye of Horus Podcast run a regular show discussing new release models for Heresy era gaming, heresy area canon, analyzing Forgeworld 28mm army lists and talking generally about anything Horus Heresy related.

In episode 33, Tim and Mick from the Eye of Horus talk to JB and Lucas about the events that lead to the creation of the supplement, the Net Epic Armageddon game and what plans the development team have for the supplement.

To hear the pod cast, head on over to The Eye of Horus Blog for links to their download locations.

News Tactics

Gate over Germana talks Dark Eldar

Our friends over at Gate over Germana have released a fantastic article for anyone thinking about starting a Dark Eldar army for Net Epic Armageddon. The article looks at army construction, cost and where to get the miniatures from. It forms a great foundation for anyone interested in Net Epic Armageddon and is located here. The blog features a number of great write ups and is well worth a look.

Events & Competitions News

Sydney Titans 2015 Players Pack

The Players Pack for Sydney Titans 2015 is available!

Titans: A one day, three round, 3000 point Epic Armageddon Tournament.

Tournament Officials:

When: 0900 h, Sunday, 11 October 15

Schedule: Sunday, 11 October 15

9:00 Introductions and Briefing

09:30 Game 1

12:00 Lunch and Army Painting Display

12:45 Game 2

15:15 Game 3

17:45 End of Play

 Where: South Coogee Bowling Club. Corner Henning Avenue and Moverly Road, South Coogee NSW 2034. Phone: (02) 9344 6557.

Registration: via the epicAU registration page

Army lists due 26 Sep 15. Please email your list and a copy of the Army List used to create your list to