New Year, New Rules

So, it has been a very long time since our last update.

The EpicAU team has been extremely busy this year with a range of work, life and study commitments. While we have tried to keep the army lists updated, more remains to be done on the supplement. Luckily the new year brings new opportunities and we wanted to unveil some of the latest efforts from the team, an updated core rule pack for Epic Armageddon. While there have been many FAQs and interpretations of the original rules, the EpicAU team wanted to introduce something different to the rules. While the changes are by no means perfect, we feel that the variations we have included create more opportunities for players.

We are incredibly excited to share our efforts with all the players out there. You can find our first version of the EpicAU core rules here. We have included some significant changes and a whole host of minor changes. A summary of the changes is listed below. We hope you enjoy and welcome any feedback you may have. You can contact us via FB or the email address.

Stand by for more updates in the New Year as the development team focuses on the non-legion armies that fought at the time of the Horus Heresy.

Version 1.0 Changelog

  • Amended the definitions on the unit stand size.
  • Added light vehicle description in the definition section.
  • Amended the range description to include “what is in range” information.
  • Amended the line of fire section to introduce more guidance on how area terrain should block line of sight for units.
  • Amended the Firepower description to include the Anti-Aircraft (AA). The unit characteristics include AA by default. However, previous iterations only defined AA in the Aircraft section.
  • Amended the initiative section to use clearer language.
  • Amended the Blast Markers section to remove the generation of a blast marker by a unit that cannot generate a “hit” against the formation, for eg, AP only weapons against an all AV formation.
  • Amended Strategy Phase description.
  • Amended ‘retain the initiative” section of the Action test description to reflect Commander requirement.
  • Amended the Movement description to provide detail on when and where you can, can’t or don’t have to move.
  • Moved the “Character” description to the unit type definitions section.
  • Amended “Commander” range to 10cm (up from 5cm).
  • Removed the unnecessary tables for blast markers.
  • Amended the Marshal action to allow a shoot and move option for hasty retreats.
  • Amended the Suppression mechanic to suppress from front to the back of the formation. (was back to front).
  • Amended the Barrage rules to restrict all templates “all must be in range”.
  • Amended the Barrage rules to include the ability to fully overlap templates to increase the lethality of large artillery barrages against some targets.
  • Provided clarity on mixed barrages and the effects of split fire rules on barrage weapons.
  • Amended the charge move section to provide clarity on close combat, firefight and zone of control misinterpretations.
  • Moved definitions and descriptions that apply throughout all phases to a single section.
  • Moved definitions and descriptions that only apply in a specific phase, to that phases section.
  • Amended Fearless to require Fearless units to make a saving throw against hack down hits from an assault or blast marker “hit” against the unit. (previously, Fearless units were immune to both).
  • Amended Expendable to not count expendable casualties towards assault resolution.
  • Amended the Invulnerable Save description to include better invulnerable save options. Previously Invulnerable Saves were only 6+, we specify the change in brackets in the supplement.
  • Amended the Slow and Steady rule to allow a 2nd turn drop by larger spacecraft to increase the flexibility and lethality of drop assault armies.
  • Amended the Macro Weapon special rule to reinforce its place as a special rule and not a separate weapon type.
  • Created a generic critical hit and critical effect table to replace the different application of critical hit effects on War Engines, this will result in the removal of critical hit effects being described in EpicAU unit datasheets.
  • Removed duplicate statements on FF and CC values throughout the Assault section.
  • Moved the ability to retain the initiative to formations that have a unit with the Commander ability in them, removing it from the standard rules.
  • Moved Titan Killer weapon rules into the specialist weapon section with the remaining special weapon rules.
  • Amended War Engine Damage Capacity to allow large War Engines to be reduced in effectiveness as they become damaged.
  • Added the Escort action for Fighter aircraft to protect other Aircraft formations that conduct an attack.
  • Removed the reference sheet from the back of the rules to a separate sheet.
  • Moved aircraft and spacecraft descriptions to the unit definition section in the introduction.
  • Separated Aerospace Section into Aircraft and Spacecraft sections for clarity.
  • Removed War Engine specific transport rules to simplify rules and increase flexibility for War Engine transport vehicles.
  • Amended Aircraft attack sequence to remove clutter and increase the speed of intercept, escort and ground attack actions.
  • Amended intermingled range to reduce rules exploitation with scouts screening from behind a formation.