Onslaught Hellborn & Sisters Pre-orders!

Exciting new designs are available for pre-order from Onslaught Miniatures. Onslaught miniatures have been hard at work with new Hellborn and Sisters designs. The Onslaught universe features a wide range of races including but not limited to the Avian, the Legion, the Hellborn, the Sisters and the Okami Technocracy Combine. Their ranges can be used with any 6mm ruleset and can serve as effective proxies for Net Epic Armageddon.

Head on over to their website and check out the latest in the Onslaught range.


Development News

Heresy 0.8.5 Release!

The latest update to the Heresy Supplement has been released. This version, 0.8.5 includes significant changes to the core legion options, allies and unit statistics. New units such as the Deredeo Dreadnought and Xiphon Interceptor have been added with many new upgrades available to the core and support detachments. Be sure to head over to the forums and share your thoughts on the new structure and options available to the Legion Astartes.

Version 0.8.5 can be downloaded from epicAU here.